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Services by LNI Swissgas

  • Services

    All our experience is at our customers’ disposal, supporting them both before and after they purchase our products. From sales to technical staff, our team consists exclusively of qualified and experienced personnel who have been working in the analytical laboratory field for many years. Competence and specific training, combined with in-depth knowledge of market needs, allow us to constantly provide unparalleled service, ensuring instrument performance always remains at the highest le

  • Before-Sales Services

    Before-Sales Services

    We provide support even before selling our products: our highly-experienced sales staff guide customers in choosing the most appropriate instruments for their specific application, ensuring full compatibility with the connected equipment. A careful selection process that allows customers to optimise investments, as well as ensuring the use of the most suitable gas generator for their analytical solution, improving laboratory efficiency.

  • After-Sales Services

    After-Sales Services

    Our after-sales technical service provides considerable added value to our product specifications. Using sophisticated software tools and two-way remote control diagnostics we can monitor and analyse the performance of our modules in real time, from installation to scheduled maintenance and service. Technical service that starts right from installation: the remote connection can be used to monitor internal parameters, verifying the procedure and...

  • Premium Service

    Premium Service

    Exploiting this extensive experience, we offer instrument solutions and integrated gas generators and calibration systems dedicated to specific analytical, industrial or environmental requirements, supporting customers in choosing the right product and guaranteeing continuous after-sales service. Qualified technicians handle both installation and subsequent routine and scheduled maintenance through two-way remote control of all the modules.

Services by Olfasense Group

  • Environmental odour management

    With more than 30 years of experience Olfasense offers a full range of services to identify, measure, assess and control environmental odours; and make sure your odour emissions are under control. Providing many of the world’s leading companies with a comprehensive range of odour analysis and odour management techniques, we think our track record speaks for itself.

  • Odour Emission Measurement

    Odour Emission Measurement

    Emission measurement is crucial to the regulation and control of odours. Before you can define the extent of an odour problem, you need first to identify potential sources of odour emissions and understand their magnitude and characteristics.

  • Odour laboratory analysis

    Odour laboratory analysis

    Through our accredited odour laboratories specialising in sensory odour analysis and our network of laboratories for molecular odour evaluation, we offer you a wide selection of specialist odour testing services. And, thanks to our mobile odour laboratory, we can deliver global knowledge on environmental odour management in your local area – even in countries where there isn’t an Olfasense office.

  • Odour Impact Assessment Services

    Odour Impact Assessment Services

    We say that some things hang around like a bad smell… but unpleasant odours don’t have to be difficult to get rid of. A bad business reputation in your local area might be harder to shift – so wake up and smell the coffee! Call in the experts at Olfasense. We can help you to manage environmental odour, so you can enjoy the much sweeter smell of success.

  • Odour dispersion modelling

    Odour dispersion modelling

    Our consultants have extensive experience with a wide range of odour dispersion models, including conventional Gaussian models (e.g. Aermod, ADMS), and more advanced 'puff' and 'particle' dispersion modelling techniques (e.g. Austal, CALPUFF).

  • Odour Complaints Management Services

    Odour Complaints Management Services

    Managing complaints about odour-generating activities has a great deal to do with pre-empting problems and managing perceptions. Input from the local community can provide valuable information about the location, time, duration and character of an odour nuisance – all of which can help you to minimise the negative impact.

  • Ambient Odour Monitoring

    Ambient Odour Monitoring

    From continuous monitoring to source analysis, the wide variety of ambient air monitoring methods available means there’s plenty of scope for fine-tuning a solution to meet your needs – so that’s exactly what we do. We’ll find the ambient odour monitoring techniques and devices that are most appropriate in terms of cost, reliability, level of detail and ease of operation. In this way, we can create an odour monitoring strategy that will give you the...

  • Odour Control Technology Assessment Services

    Odour Control Technology Assessment Services

    There’s no such thing as too much choice. There’s a bewildering array of odour control technologies to choose from, and plenty of factors to consider – both economic and environmental. So how do you find the right solution for you?. The truth is that there’s no such thing as too much choice, just not enough information to go on. It’s impossible to make an informed decision without having an overview of all the possibilities and, crucially, how they’ve...

  • Product Testing - Laboratory Services

  • Sensory Analysis Services

    Sensory Analysis Services

    We’ve got the best noses in the business: Odour measurement requires the human nose as tester. This means that one of the biggest challenges is getting valid test results with high repeatability. And the solution? The accurate selection, training and monitoring of the noses in question!.