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Services by Tekran Instruments Corporation

  • General Product Services

    General Product Services

    Tekran’s commitment to our customers extends well beyond the point of purchase. We offer phone, e-mail and on-site technical support for the lifetime of all of our instrumentation. Customer support is our highest priority and we will work diligently to optimize your Tekran System performance. If you are interested in any of our extended product services listed below, please contact the appropriate group listed on our Tech Support page.

  • Calibration / Recertification Services

    Calibration / Recertification Services

    Tekran offers recalibration services for all our products. We utilize specialized NIST traceable instruments tasked specifically for calibration and recertification of our instrumentation. We also offer complete systems evaluation whether part of your maintenance schedule, or to quickly access an instrument that has set idle for a long period.

  • Hg-CEM System Services

    Hg-CEM System Services

    For our Hg-CEM product line, we offer a wide range of support services tailored to fit your needs. Our engineering experts are available to install the Hg-CEM at your location, and we can provide support to integrate our Hg-CEM into any existing data acquisition system. Tekran Hg-CEM training courses even have options for online attendance.

  • Field Projects Services

    Field Projects Services

    Some specialized field projects require on-site technical expertise to assure proper instrument performance and meet project goals. Whether due to time constraints, untested applications, or other analytical challenges the best option is to draw on the extensive expertise of Tekran scientists. We have extensive field experience with Tekran instrumentation that we are ready to put at your disposal.

  • Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    The Tekran Seattle Office takes on a select number of consulting projects under the direction of our Chief Scientist, Dr. Eric Prestbo. Please contact us if you need consulting in the following areas of interest: Mercury measurement and speciation method development. Mercury control technology: Analytical measurement support and strategy. Experimental design and complex sampling methods. Emerging technology development. Independent analysis of...

  • Parts Services

    Parts Services

    Continual development of instrumental parts is a major contributor to Tekran’s success. From a minor component to a major software overhaul, we are constantly searching for faster, safer, more robust, and accurate instrumentation. Many past improvements have been a direct result of customer feedback. If you have suggestions regarding our instrumentation, we’d love to hear from you. Check this page periodically for updates on new project...

Services by Servomex - a Spectris Company

  • Service Center Support

    Service Center Support

    Wherever you are, there's a Servomex Service Network team near you. At Servomex, we strongly believe that the development of proactive maintenance programs will sustain the life of your analyzer, and prevent the risk of failures. But from time to time problems do occur, and it is our goal to ensure that your analyzer is back up and running in no time.

  • Service Agreements

    Service Agreements

    You get much more than service with a Servomex service contract - you get peace of mind too. Regular maintenance of your gas analysis systems adds real value to your operations, delivering improved reliability, increased uptime and process optimization of plant applications.

  • Spares Services

    Spares Services

    Getting access to the right spare parts and consumables is critical to maintaining your plant operations. Servomex's global service and distribution network procures the necessary high-quality, authorized spare parts and delivers them wherever or whenever you need them - Fast! Each of our parts is precision manufactured to the highest standard of quality, ensuring every component in your analyzer gives optimum performance.

  • Commissioning Services

    Commissioning Services

    When installing your new analyzer a service network commissioning package will ensure optimum performance.

  • Health Check Services

    Health Check Services

    Keeping on top of the operational efficiency of your analyzer can be difficult and time consuming. That is why Servomex Service Network has developed the Health Check - a thorough evaluation and review of your analyzers and sample system, which is conducted by an expert engineer.

  • Rentals Services

    Rentals Services

    Servomex analyzers are available for hire, whenever you need them. Whether you need a temporary replacement analyzer, or would like to try before purchasing, an extensive range of Servomex analyzers are available to rent. Available for either short or long term rental agreements, your business will receive the very latest product technology that is maintained to the highest Servomex standards. You will benefit from full access to our expert support...