ECO Bionics

ECO Bionics

Founded in 1999, ECO Bionics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NCH Corporation, a privately-held global manufacturer of maintenance and supply products. Recognizing a need to naturally reduce pollutants and promote a clean, healthy environment, ECO Bionics was created to develop an economical approach to deliver massive quantities of vegetative bacteria into waste streams. Since our founding, the benefits of our bacteria delivery system (the BioAmp™) have been expanded into a variety of industries. Simply stated, our technology is the best bacterial delivery system on the market. Any industry using bacterial augmentation or treatment is a candidate for the BioAmp™. Our company is dedicated to promoting the use of beneficial bacteria to clean and improve our environment. Our fermentation and delivery technology has revolutionized the economics of vegetative bacterial treatments, making environmental responsibility economical for the first time.

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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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ECO Bionicsdevelops biological solutions to clean water and promote a healthy environment.  Years of research has resulted in the BioAmp™, a patented technology that has revolutionized the delivery of bacteria!  The BioAmp™ delivers blends of vegetative bacteria in massive quantities into wastewater, grease trap, pond, and turf applications, replenishing naturally occurring biological populations and reducing levels of FOG, TSS, and BOD.