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  • Containment Boom

    Containment Boom

    Designed for durability, high freeboard and ease of use. It can be used for oil spill containment in harbors and open water applications. Standard international orange color, and standard light weight universal connectors.

  • Fence Boom

    Fence Boom

    Foam filled booms(flat floats) are lightweight and inexpensive. They are typically used for inland and sheltered waters. Bright orange-colored PVC coated high-strength fabric with better resistance to oil seawater and ultraviolet radiation, special-shaped solid floats making their storage easier The thickness of flat fence boom is just 20mm. It weighs half of the column type boom. It is the most general boom in use.

  • Flexible Boom

    Flexible Boom

    An oil spill containment boom deployable normally by one person between a pier and vessel especially useful for oil transfer operations from ship to shore that will remain in position on the water regardless of changes in the ship draft comprising a floating flexible barrier having an elongated unitary tensioning member disposed from end to end and held in place by strategically positioned sleeves connected over areas of the float to hold the barrier in...

  • Air Boom

    Air Boom

    It is a pressure inflatable boom which uses air for buoyancy. Each boom section length is segmented into individual inflatable chambers by way of internal bulkheads. This ensures that the boom will maintain positive buoyancy and continue to float in the event of any damage. Booms feature simple, rapid inflation, and high buoyancy to weight ratios for use in waves and demanding conditions. Booms can be inflated using handheld or backpack inflation...

  • Self-Inflatable Boom

    Self-Inflatable Boom

    Automatic inflation and self filling give you maximum speed during deployment. It is a rapidly self-inflating, rapid response emergency deployment curtain type boom. The flotation chamber is cylindrical, and retains its shape and stability by incorporating a series of semi-rigid, lightweight hoops spaced on equal intervals throughout the length of the boom. Self-inflatable booms rely on springs or coils that are compressed in storage, when deployed...

  • Permanent Containment Boom

    Permanent Containment Boom

    Permanent Boom is the only choice for permanent installation in and around marine facilities, extremely rugged construction and excellent resistance to weathering provide years of reliable, low-cost service. Perfect for oil and debris containment and for exclusion of floating pollution from sensitive facilities or areas. A permanent boom system reduces time and man power required to deploy boom around a transferring vessel. Durable, UV resistant...

  • Tidal Boom

    Tidal Boom

    Engineered to protect tidal shoreline areas, Tidal Boom was designed specifically to be used in beach areas where water depths vary due to changing tides. During low water tides, the water filled ballast chambers fabricated of heavy-duty material lie flush against the beach forming a firm seal which keeps the oil from passing under the boom. As tide comes in and water depth increases, the air buoyancy chambers allow the boom to rise and float along the...

  • Fire Boom

    Fire Boom

    The easily stored, inflatable, Fire Boom system is designed to be rapidly deployed from reels, with a minimum amount of manpower. Fire Boom employs unique high temperature resistant ceramic fabric components that retain their operating integrity from more than 1000C for short term use in accidental fires

  • Pneumatic Tent

    Pneumatic Tent

    Applied to: Emergency tasks, offering staff a shelter from rain, wind and the command center. Supporting rack needless, and quick shaped up by aerator, need not keep filling up air.

  • Weir Skimmer

    Weir Skimmer

    It is an adjustable weir skimmer designed to be particularly effective in large oil spills when a high oil recovery rate is required. It is capable of handling a wide range of oil viscosities. The system has a floating circular weir device with an onboard hydraulically driven positive displacement ECO-SC02 Pump. The weir lies just below the oil surface and the top layer of the oil flows over the weir lip and is pumped away to storage

  • Multi-Function Skimmer

    Multi-Function Skimmer

    It is the most versatile and reliable skimmer in the world. Multi-Function Skimmer has interchangeable skimming heads that can change in less than 1 minute with no tools. It can change between, drums, brushes or disks skimming heads that make the skimmer a 3 in 1 skimmer for any oil condition.

  • Drum Skimmer

    Drum Skimmer

    Drum Skimmers float on the surface, sealed flotation makes it unsinable. The drums are motor driven (by air or hydraulics) and turn slowly attracting the oil to its surface and rotating around to the wiper blade which scrapes the floating oil off and it runs into the sump area, where it is picked up by pump suction and transferred to storage. Easy to install and operate. Readily skims light or heavy floating oils.

  • Disk Oil Skimmer

    Disk Oil Skimmer

    It is designed to recover floating oil from ports, harbors, rivers, estuaries and coastal waters. It has the capacity to remove approximately 98% pure oil. Oil will stick on the rotating discs, be removed by the scraper, fall into an oil collection bowl and then pumped to a recovery tank. The single bank unit has the capacity to remove between 5 and 20 tons of oil per hour and a twin bank unit has the capacity to remove between 21 and 44 tons per...

  • Brush Skimmer

    Brush Skimmer

    Brush Skimmers are oleophilic skimmers that pick up oil on the bristles of a brush. There are two main configurations for the brushes: drum brush skimmers, in which the brushes are mounted around the perimeter of a drum; and chain brush skimmers, in which the brushes are mounted on several continuous loop chains. In each case, the brushes are rotated through the oil/water interface, picking up oil and some water. Thee recovered fluid is then combed...

  • Oil Skimmer Boat

    Oil Skimmer Boat

    Oil Skimmer Boat is intended for cleaning of a sheltered port waters from floating debris. Fit to shoal area, were vessel can't reach. Inject forward power, fitting to oil spill area. Pneumatic, light weight, small size in storage.

  • Oil Storage Tank - Land Use

    Oil Storage Tank - Land Use

    It is a self-supporting open top storage tank. It is avaliable in reinforced PE coated fabric. It is constructed with a foam-filled collar to support the entry lip and to ease filling. It is typically used in oil recovery, fire fighting, pressure washing and general water storage situations. No framework or tools are required and the tank takes shape as it is filled. It is light and low in volume when empty.

  • Towable Floating Tank - Marine Use

    Towable Floating Tank - Marine Use

    This flexible storage tanks are heavy-duty enclosed floating tanks. The tanks have inflatable cuffs running along both top sides. Once inflated these provide buoyancy for the tank. The tanks are supplied with two valves for filling and draining, two bridle assembly, manual inflator and towing drogue. Ideal for uses in oil spill recovery operation, remote storage, fire fighting, military operations, remediation projects, potable water tank, liquid...



    This is a very portable and versatile all purpose submersible utility pump. An efficient channel impeller handles solids and offers excellent overall performance. This pump is available with your choice of water or solids handling strainers. Its max. capacity is 750 liters/minute and max. head is 40 meters. Solids Handling is about 25mm.



    This model is designed for pumping jobs such as construction sites and manhole pumping where lightweight, high volume, trash pumps are needed. It has the ability to pass through a 12' opening and pump in debris laden areas. A small hole strainer is available for limiting solids to be pumped. Discharge hole 3' and solids handling 2 1/2'. Its max. capacity is 1500 liters/minute and max. head is 24 meters.



    SC03S is deal for pumping high viscosity liquids such as crude oils, latex, molassas and refinery wastes using a positive displacement screw. When pumping lighter materials, the impeller acts as a centrifugal type providing high capacity. Typical uses include oil skimmers and cargo pumping. Discharge hole 3' and Solids Handling is 1 1/2'. Its max. capacity 2250 liters/minute and max. head is 45 meters



    SC04S is ideal for pumping high viscosity liquids such as crude oils, latex, molassas and refinery wastes using a positive displacement screw. When pumping lighter materials, the impeller acts as a centrifugal type providing high capacity. Discharge hole 4' and Solid Handling is 2'. Its max. capacity is 250 Cu.Mtr/Hr and max. head is 60 meters.

  • U BOOM

    U BOOM

    ECO U boom are air filled which makes them quick and easy to deploy by one or two boat. They are designed as a rapid response to assist in the containment and recovery of accidentally spill oil. U type can storage up to 35 CBM oil. Working up to 5 knots. The U boom system can work with ECO BR reel system with Diesel hydraulic power pack and storage in one 10’ container. All range of boom sizes means that they can be used in almost any location, from...

  • Boom Reel

    Boom Reel

    Boom Reel is easy to used for transportation and storage the Boom. Can be customized.