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  • Flat Bag Filters

  • ECO - Model HCS - Module Bag Filter

    ECO - Model HCS - Module Bag Filter

    The HCS module bag filter incorporates an 'online' filter fabric regeneration technology (during treated air flow through the filter fabric) with the use of compressed air. These types of filters are equipped with the compressed air collectors with electrovalves connected to jet pipes, by means of which compressed air is injected into the filter bags.  The injector system for sucking air from the pure gas chamber additionally boosts the...

  • ECO - Model HCP - Module Bag Filter

    ECO - Model HCP - Module Bag Filter

    The HCP module bag filter incorporates an 'offline' filter fabric regeneration technology (during the regeneration process, the treated air flow through the filter fabric is cut off).  The regeneration is effected by the injection of compressed air into the filter bags by means of a regenerating nozzle with an injector, installed on a carriage. The flow air treated at the filter fabric in the regenerated bags and in the adjacent rows is cut off...

  • ECO - Model HCW - Bag Filter

    ECO - Model HCW - Bag Filter

    The HCW bag filter incorporates an 'offline' filter fabric regeneration technology (during the regeneration process, the treated air flow through the filter fabric is cut off).  The filter fabric is regenerated by means of a travelling system equipped with a medium pressure fan. It is installed on carriage, which by means of a special seal cuts off both filter cartridges to be regenerated and the adjacent rows of bags – this principle of...

  • ECO - Model HSS - Bag Filter

    ECO - Model HSS - Bag Filter

    HSS-type bag filters represent the most recent flat bag filter product line. The filter design has been achieved in the course of the HCS-type filter product line development, taking into consideration specific properties essential for low and medium efficiency filters. Irrespective of the size or chamber layout (serial or twin), HSS filters are made of identical repetitive elements joined by screws. This design facilitates short production terms and...

  • ECO - Model JET VPS - Vertical Bag Filter

    ECO - Model JET VPS - Vertical Bag Filter

    ECO - JET vertical bag filters are designed for collecting dust from dry gases in all sectors of industry. These filters are most frequently applied in the processes characterized by a considerable volume of purified gases, which may even exceed 1000000 m3/h.Owing to ECO INSTAL‘s long term experience in the field of dust collection , ECO - JET filters have been designed to ensure compliance with the most stringent standards of dust pollution...

  • Mechanical Dust Separators

  • ECO - Model CE/S and CE/S/B - Cyclones

    ECO - Model CE/S and CE/S/B - Cyclones

    CE/S and CE/S/B (with basalt lining) dust collectors offered by ECO INSTAL are characterized by high operating efficiency, resistance to erosive wear from dust and reduced flow resistance in comparison with hitherto applied technologies.The equipment is used in particular in technologies involving erosive dusts e.g. in power engineering, in loose construction materials production, coke engineering, casting, coal industry etc.Cyclone dust collectors...

  • ECO - Chamber Dust Collector

    ECO - Chamber Dust Collector

    OK Chamber dust collector serves as primary dust collector downwards of the bag filters and cyclone filters. It is used in general for separation of large particles. This is to prevent the main dust collecting device from excessive wear. Indirectly, it may also separate large particles in recycling processes (e.g. various types of cleaning devices, bituminous mass production plants etc.). The device’s simple design and space efficiency fosters...

  • Conveying Systems

  • ECO - Worm Conveyors

    ECO - Worm Conveyors

    Worm conveyors are designed for conveying dusts, loose, powder and fine particle materials. They are used for transporting bulk materials vertically or slantwise. They may receive the transported material from underneath the hoppers, unloading bin, tanks or other conveyors and feed it to other devices and containers.As a standard, the worm conveyors serve for transporting materials having the temperature up to 200  ̊C (special versions...

  • ECO - Pipe and Line Conveyors

    ECO - Pipe and Line Conveyors

    Pipe and line conveyors may be used in a number of industry sectors. The conveyors are designed for transporting dry and wet dusts as well as loose and granulated materials of various chemical composition and properties. The conveyors are used primarily where there is a need for greater conveying lengths in comparison to worm conveyors.The conveyors offered by ECO INSTAL may collect dusts from all types of dust collectors and transport them for...

  • Other Products

  • ECO - Two Stage System

    ECO - Two Stage System

    A two stage system is most commonly applicable in the heating industry during dedusting of stoker-fired boilers. The system, which is a well-known solution in the industry market, incorporates two devices constituting an integral unit in terms of dedusting efficiency, while exclusion off any of the elements diminishes the deducting installation efficiency. A relatively high efficiency of the proposed two stage system stems from a vast array of...

  • ECO - Cyclone Filter (CF )

    ECO - Cyclone Filter (CF )

    The analysis of the operation of a proved solution widely acceptable in heating industry i.e. a two stage system facilitated development of this dust collection system.   The ECO INSTAL designers have elaborated a dust collector known under the market name of CF CYCLONE FILTER.The dust collector fosters reduction of dust emission to the atmosphere below 100mg/Nm3 at 6% O2.CE/S dust collectors used as the basis for designing the CYCLONE...

  • ECO - Gas Cooling Systems

    ECO - Gas Cooling Systems

    Gas cooling systems have been designed to reduce the temperature of gases to the level facilitating the use of filter fabric, without the need for the external air suction. The maximum temperature of the inlet gas temperature at the coolers may reach 550-600  ̊C. The main areas of application thereof include process gas cooling at glass works, aluminium works, copper works,...

  • ECO - Gas Neutralization System

    ECO - Gas Neutralization System

    In Poland, the air protection technique was for many years targeted at dust collection, at the same time ignoring gas neutralisation processes. As the environmental awareness was developing and the environmental protection law requirements got more stringent, the discrepancies (especially, in the recent years) has become less visible; nevertheless, it is still of ultimate importance to encourage...