Eco Notion Ltd.

Eco Notion Ltd.

Eco Notion Ltd. is a consultancy firm in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our mission is to help companies reduce costs, minimize risks and increase their value by improving their environmental and social performance and at the same time contribute the economy, environment and society to progress. This can be achieved through our ability to create, develop and implement successful sustainable business strategies and programs. Our services cover CSR strategy, CSR reporting, CSR communication, ISO 26000 services, CSR audit, climate change and research. Eco Notion Ltd. also provides organizations with the tools to share best practice know-how in sustainability and to compare their sustainability performance with other institutions.

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28 Hristo Botev Blvd., floor 6, office 10 , Sofia , 1000 Bulgaria

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Consulting firm
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Internationally (various countries)
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Eco Notion is CSR and sustainability consultancy firm with ability to create, develop and implement successful sustainable business strategies and programs. We achieve this by partnering with our clients taking into account the specific need of every project on a case-by-case basis.

We help organizations to reduce costs, minimise risks and increase their value by improving their environmental and social performance and at the same time contribute the economy, environment and society to progress. Dedication to quality, integrity, detail, results and responsibility mark the work of Eco Notion.

Due to our extensive network of domestic and international partners, we are in a position to deliver the most qualified advice- no matter what your company’s ambition level or CSR seniority is.

By choosing Eco Notion as a partner, you can:

  • Measure business impacts in the supply chain, market place, community and the environment and turn them into business advantage;
  • Reduce costs and increase profits from sustainable practices;
  • Strengthen your brand and exceed stakeholders’ expectations;
  • Enhance trust and reputation through first-class reports;
  • Improve environmental performance;
  • Contribute to sustainable development.


  • We are open-minded, friendly, interested and passionate about your challenge.
  • We are proactive to help you by finding the most appropriate solution.
  • We are proactive to inform you for the most current CSR and sustainability issues.


  • Industry-sector focus is our leading advantage.
  • We have diverse and recognized educational backgrounds.
  • We strive for continuous qualification and attendance of various courses and events.


  • We are always available at your convenience- you can access us by phone, e-mail, in person.
  • We offer innovative and non-standard solutions.
  • We have commercial awareness and understand our clients’ business.

Our endeavours are influenced and driven by the desire to see the planet fit for our children and grandchildren and more prosperous future for the humankind. Our goal is always to deliver high-quality services to you, no matter where you are situated. The high standards of performance, combined with excellent understanding will affirm our position as your business sustainability adviser to provide you with outstanding service in every matter we handle. In 2011 and the coming years we will continue to implement innovative and creative approaches to bring optimal results, because we are optimistic about the bright future of our environment. We also aim to provide the best quality services at lower rates compared to other consultant companies. We exist with the only intention to achieve your goals and help in your advancement by creating satisfied customers, loyal employees and profitable business relationships. Our culture, values and organization of resources guarantee that we can definitely fulfil our promise to you!

Today’s competitive environment has pressured businesses all over the world to deliver and develop their products and services in diligent, experienced and dynamic manner in order to respond their client’s needs. Eco Notion has a very clear vision of the future and our obligation is to develop and provide to companies innovative ideas and tools for optimizing of their performance. We are convinced that this can be successfully achieved by becoming not just your consultant, but also your credible business partner that is passionate about the growth of your business progress by identifying and mitigating all the risks you face. We are positive that you, as our client, deserve not just a business advice, you deserve the best quality and we are here to deliver it!

Our values, diligence, community involvement, dedication to professional development unite us and have turned to be our common culture.

We are convinced that values are fundamental for every company. This is why we are led by our values in everything we do! It is our belief that the only way to deliver the highest quality services is to work with professionals who share our values in order to ensure the prosperity of our clients.

  • Opportunistic vision: We have chosen CSR and sustainable development as our core practice areas, because of our ability to always see opportunities where others see problems. This means that we will be expected to perform in an excellent manner when faced with tough and challenging projects and we have no doubts to face them.
  • Outstanding performance: Our aim is to always improve our performance by setting high standards in order to provide the best and timely services in the market for our clients and always exceed their expectations. We are never and we will never be satisfied until we deliver the highest quality and most effective service.
  • Credible synergy: The best way to achieve outstanding performance is by appealing for open actions and establishing true, transparent communications build on trust and understanding. This allows us to offer the most appropriate advice, taking into account the client’s long-term business perspectives.
  • Ethical values: Serving our clients can only be achieved by following very strict ethical standards of behaviour. We are also convinced that a company cannot be successful without contributing to the society by being engaged in public activities: commitment and dedication to the people in need, the community, pro bono, etc.
  • Teamwork and open communication: We work in a team and we all share the same values and ambition for dedication and determination to our clients. We do not work only for you, but we work with you! It is our belief that the best results can be achieved only by the combined effort for cooperative work between the client and our team.
  • We call it Balanced Living: Achieving a successful balance between professional and personal life by playing sports, visiting yoga classes and cultural events has never been more important in today’s stressful environment.
  • Progress and innovative thinking: We always strive for improvement of our services’ quality in order to realize our full potential. This is why we are always open to push boundaries and reframe existing thinking.
  • Courage in offering unusual solutions to clients’ issues and ability to persuade them in the success of these innovative approaches, without detracting from their position.

Eco Notion’s promise to clients challenges us to continually:

  • Develop a profound knowledge of our client’s business in order to provide services at the highest levels of quality;
  • Attend the same industry events as our clients in order to receive the most up-to-dated information regarding the current industry issues;
  • Work to implement alternative fee structures. We know that building long-lasting relationships with our clients is impossible without creating and exploring various methods about different fee options;
  • Employ the most suitable staff that will deal with your case;
  • Inform you if we are not competent to undertake the work you require;
  • Inform you in case we do not have the necessary expertise and resources you are looking for and in such a situation we will suggest you another professional or supplement our team with other appropriate consultant;
  • Strengthen the relationships with our clients as the next several decades will be challenging for the climate change and companies will need professional and committed advisers for helping them to implement sustainability in their practices.

We are looking forward to working with you! We will exceed your expectations!