ECO Oxygen Technologies, LLC

ECO Oxygen Technologies, LLC

The Global Leader in SuperOxygenation 20 years of experience in efficient gas transfer solutions with over 50 custom-engineered success stories. ECO2 SuperOxygenation systems for water and wastewater treatment are designed and produced by ECO Oxygen Technologies, LLC, an independent company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The technology is the pioneering effort of Dr. Richard Speece, Centennial Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Vanderbilt University, who invented the “Speece Cone.” Founded in 2002, ECO2 has built their business on being an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical treatments for water and wastewater. Initially focusing on odor and corrosion prevention, ECO2 has helped cities across the country solve their needs in both municipal and industrial applications.

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3939 Priority Way S Dr Suite 200 , Indianapolis , Indiana 46240 USA
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

ECO2 is the global leader in SuperOxygenation Systems with over 20 years of experience in efficient gas transfer solutions.  We specialize in odor and corrosion prevention for wastewater treatment systems and water quality improvement of rivers, lakes and reservoirs through SuperOxygenation.  

Noxious odor and widespread corrosion are often the result of hydrogen sulfide formation in municipal wastewater systems. ECO2 eliminates the problem by creating aerobic conditions that prevent sulfide formation.

The results are typically better than with traditional chemical treatment at a fraction of the cost.

Many lakes and reservoirs suffer from anoxia, especially during the summer stagnation. ECO2 SuperOxygenation Systems effectively add dissolved oxygen to surface water bodies for multiple benefits, such as reduction of internal nutrient cycling and subsequent algae bloom, suppression of Fe&Mn release from the sediment, prevention of H2S formation and increased D.O. levels for aquatic species and the aerobic degradation of organic matter.

At ECO2 we believe in finding the right solution for our clients. We work tightly with our customers to ensure a successful project delivery.

Simultaneously, ECO2 continues Dr. Speece’s work of improving water quality through SuperOxygenation in the nation’s rivers, lakes and reservoirs, while also advancing the technology for other gases in new applications.

Speece Cone Installation, Columbia - Theta Midpoint.

Our vision is to become the worldwide leader in the implementation of innovative pure oxygen transfer technology for water quality improvement.