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Eco-Tec designs, develops, and manufactures equipment for industrial water treatment and purification of chemicals and gases. Our advanced, proprietary designs provide clients with improved performance, economy, and reliability in their operations.

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Eco-Tec systems incorporate advanced, proprietary designs that provide resource-recovery and purification solutions to industries around the world. We are designers, developers, and builders of equipment for industrial water treatment and purification of chemicals and gases, celebrating over 40 years of manufacturing excellence. Our products provide clients with improved performance, economy, and reliability in their operations, while facilitating environmentally responsible approaches to using natural resources. In business since 1970, Eco-Tec has supplied over 2,000 systems to more than 60 countries.

Innovation Is Our Foundation

Eco-Tec’s beginnings are rooted in ground-breaking ideas going back to 1968, by individuals that drive the company today. More than 40 years ago, a Master’s and PhD by Dr. Phillip (Rocky) Simmons – Eco-Tec’s current president and CEO – on reciprocating flow ion exchange (now known as Recoflo®) provided the foundation for the company. This proprietary technology represents a huge advance that breaks the mold of traditional ion exchange, and has evolved into various other leading concepts that enable clients to economically, efficiently, and effectively manage valuable industrial resources.

The company formed soon after the invention of Recoflo, when Lloyd Nourse, president of former Canadian manufacturer Wix Corporation, created a joint venture between his company and professors from the University of Toronto in 1970 – calling it Eco-Tec. Dr. Simmons was brought on as R&D manager, and the first Chromic Acid Recovery system was soon under development. From there, a wide range of end-to-end industrial treatment products using Recoflo, absorption, electro-chemical, crystallization, evaporation, and membrane technologies would be designed and brought to market.

Resource Recovery & Purification Solutions for Industrial Processes Worldwide

Over the years, Eco-Tec has firmly established itself in numerous major markets worldwide, through products such as High-purity Water Treatment Systems for steam, power generation, and chemical processes; Acid Purification equipment used in steel and aluminum finishing, electroplating, and mineral processing;  Metal Recovery & Purification for nickel and chrome plating, copper electro-refining, and hydrometallurgy; and Chemical Purification for pulp & paper applications and caustic-etchant regeneration.

Increasingly, as today’s industries adopt more efficient, environmentally responsible approaches to managing resources, Eco-Tec’s systems continue to evolve and enter new markets. These growing sectors include Treatment of Produced Water (representing a more practical, eco-friendly source of boiler-feed) for heavy oil processing; Heat Stable Salts Removal for the production of low-sulfur fuels for petrochemical companies looking to meet emissions standards or other process requirements; and  Biogas Purification from industrial gases for reuse in energy applications.

Full Quality Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

Products are developed and continuously improved in Eco-Tec’s development department with full laboratory and pilot-facility testing. Standard equipment designs are adapted to market and client needs, and manufactured under an ISO 9001 registered quality process in Eco-Tec’s own factory. Equipment is designed as compact modular skids to minimize site construction and is completely assembled and tested in Eco-Tec’s factory prior to shipment.

Eco-Tec staff provides on-site commissioning supervision services as well as operator training and performance demonstration of each system. Technical support is available 24/7 on-line or on site of required.

Eco-Tec Inc. is headquartered in Pickering, Ontario, Canada.  It maintains sales offices in Alberta, and India, with representatives and distributors around the world.

Eco-Tec’s core competencies are rooted in its fully integrated customer service process that includes:

  • Eco-Tec’s ability to attract and retain highly qualified and competent staff members, most of which have been with Eco-Tec for over 20 years!
  • Eco-Tec’s knowledgeable Sales Team that is dedicated to understanding customers’ business issues.
  • Eco-Tec’s on-site laboratory Chemists and Engineers that conduct ongoing research and development, and provide comprehensive analytical laboratory and pilot plant services.
  • Eco-Tec’s Technical Solutions and Engineering Design teams, who fully integrate the customer’s needs into a system that is economical, effective, and technologically advanced.
  • Eco-Tec’s in-house Production Team that is highly skilled and incorporates consistent attention to detail from order-in to order-shipped–on time!
  • Eco-Tec’s Parts and Service Teams who are dedicated to ensuring proper system maintenance and optimum performance.
  • Eco-Tec’s 24-hour a day, 7 days a week Customer Support Team that is dedicated to customer success and satisfaction.
  • Eco-Tec’s solid relationships with Agents and Distributors that have contributed to Eco-Tec’s success in commissioning over 2,000 systems in 60 countries!

Eco-Tec firmly believes in supporting the well-being of its local and international communities. Eco-Tec also plays an integral role in the development of new technology through its continued support of higher education in the field of Chemical Engineering.

Charity Sponsorship, Community Support

Foster Child Sponsorship – Eco-Tec sponsors an overseas foster child in Zambia through Plan International (

University of Toronto (U of T) – Eco-Tec is a long-standing supporter of the U of T’s Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, through funding of its annual events. Eco-Tec President and CEO Phillip (Rocky Simmons) also sits on the Chemical Engineering Board of Advisors.

Ending Breast Cancer – Proud participant of ‘National Denim Day’ which helps to support an end to Breast Cancer. More info

Scholarship Funding – Eco-Tec awards an annual scholarship to a student entering their first year of college or university.

Student Workplace Exposure – Proud participant of ‘Take Our Kids to Work Day’ which provides Grade-9 students across Canada first-hand workplace experience. More info

Eco-Tec’s history – from 1969 to now – features company breakthroughs in technology and market developments, along with many proud milestones and local/global recognition.

1969 – Dr. Phillip (Rocky) Simmons finished his Master’s and PhD on reciprocating flow ion exchange, now known as Recoflo®, and joins Eco-Tec as R&D Manager.
1970 – Lloyd Nourse creates a joint venture between WIX Canada and the Professors from the University of Toronto, named Eco-Tec, and the first Chromic Acid Recovery system was under development.
1971 – A pilot Chromic Acid Recovery Unit (now known as ChromaPur™) was installed at Industrial Electroplating.
1973 – The first Nickel Recovery Unit (now known as NickelPur™) installed at A.G. Simpson.
1975 – Mike Dejak joins Eco-Tec (currently Executive Vice-President of Eco-Tec Inc.)
1976 – The Acid Purification Unit, the APU® was developed and sold the same year.
1977 – The first APU® was sold for the application of nitric acid recovery as well as a first installation for an APU® for aluminum anodizing (now called the AnoPur™). This year also noted the delivery of a 7-unit Nickel Recovery Unit (NickelPur™) installed at Ford Motor Company in Michigan.
1980 – Eco-Tec now exporting to 16 countries!
1984 – Eco-Tec develops the compressed-bed Water Demineralization Unit, and presents its first water treatment technical paper during the International Water Conference.
1985 – Dr. Rocky Simmons leads the management buy-out of Eco-Tec from WIX Canada Ltd. Eco-Tec becomes a private company, mostly owned by its employees.
1987 – Eco-Tec combines the APU® with the decationizer to create the DPU™.
1988 – The Spectrum Micro Media Filter™ is developed and delivered.
1995-1998 – Eco-Tec recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Private Companies.
1995 – Eco-Tec’s 25 th Anniversary and is now exporting to over 40 countries!
1996 – The Spectrum Micro Media Filter™ enters the Power Industry with an installation in a Cogeneration Plant in New Zealand
1998 – Recoflo® expands to amine purification and the AmiPur® was installed at Crown Central Petroleum in Texas.
1998 – Eco-Tec recognized for consistently demonstrated ISO compliance with the 1994-1998 National Accreditation Award BS EN ISO 9002.
2002 – The TriFlo™ is developed and installed at Wisconsin Energies.
2006 – Eco-Tec acquires Apollo Environmental Services and begins offering patented technology for the purification of BioGas. The system, developed by Dr. James Smith from the University of Toronto is now known as BgPur™.
2007 – Eco-Tec commercializes its technology for the Pulp and Paper industry and sells its first PDP™ system.
2007 – Eco-Tec enters the Coal Bed Methane Produced Water market with its RecoPur® CBM Water Treatment System and its installation for Marathon Oil.
2007 – Eco-Tec enters the Cellulose Ethanol market with its APU® technology for the pre-treatment of lignin.
2010 – Eco-Tec celebrates it’s 40th Anniversary on November 4, 2010.
2012 – Eco-Tec now exporting to 60 countries