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ECO2’s approach sets it apart from competitors that deploy water-based recycling processes. Unlike other recyclers, ECO2’s process eliminates the use of water, respects and preserves the environment, while delivering the highest quality recycled plastic flake with up to 50% less operating cost. ECO2 Plastics is the only recycling company that can claim (i) that its plastic recycling technology has a negligible impact on the environment and (ii) is distinguishable from existing technologies when it comes to water waste and chemical contamination.

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5300 Claus Road, PO Box 760 , Riverbank , 95367 CA USA

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)


You have to wash plastic to recycle it, but traditional recycling technology uses billions of gallons of water each year in the process. A decade ago, we set out to change that. We discovered a process developed by Honeywell and the Department of Energy for recycling used HDPE oil bottles. This would be the inspiration for the process we utilize today.


Following years of research and development in conjunction with researchers from Honeywell, he expanded the process to clean PET beverage containers by combining a biodegradable solvent and liquid carbon dioxide to replace traditional water-based methods. With this newly patented technique, he gave the world a completely closed-loop plastic recycling system — one that uses no water and continually reuses the cleaning agents.

The company built around that idea is now known as ECO2 Plastics. We’ve assembled the finest, most experienced minds in the plastics and recycling industries to revolutionize the business. Recognizing the benefits of our process, the State of California supported the company with a loan in 2005. Private investors have invested over $40 million. We achieved full-scale production in California, and have potential for significant growth.


But the idea doesn't stop here. We now see additional applications for this unique process and we are hard at work on next generation technology, such as work currently underway with USCAR.

We’re making plastic recycling more ecological, more economical, and quite simply more logical. A process we call eco.logical.recycling.

No water.
At ECO2, we think using water to recycle plastic beverage containers makes no sense. When our process is the standard, billions of gallons of water will be saved each year. More water for drinking - not cleaning.

No waste.
We don’t dump anything down the drain - water or chemicals. Our process is FDA-approved, using a biodegradable solvent and liquid carbon dioxide in a closed-loop system that cleans and reuses the cleaning agents again and again.
We reuse when we recycle.

No added costs.
No water and no waste equals no added costs. Our process lets us produce the highest quality product with the least possible cost - financial or environmental.

No limits.
Our technology isn't confined to PET recycling. We're developing processes that will allow us to reclaim HDPE, polypropylene, and other plastics as well.

No logical reason to recycle any other way.
We call it eco.logical.recycling.

PET plastic flakes are a commodity product, processed and delivered to industry for use in hundreds of applications. Our product is virtually identical to traditionally recycled plastic, but produced in a more efficient and earth-friendly way.

Quality Assurance.
Our recycled plastic is of the highest quality. It is odor-free and contaminant-free to 100 parts per million. Every 1,000 pounds is tested for intrinsic viscosity, melt flow, density, moisture content and PVC content. You’re guaranteed a perfect product.

Supply Chain Stability.
Our process enables us to provide high-quality plastic flake at the lowest cost of production. In a commodity business, we are positioned as a company with staying power.

The Right Choice.
Your chemists won't find any difference between our flake and those from other companies, but your customers will — they want to buy green. With ECO2, you can give them an earth-friendly product at no extra cost to you.

We’re constantly refining our process to produce better and better recycled plastic. To learn more about our product and the results of our most recent quality tests, please contact our sales team.

Our patented process operates with all the efficiencies available to most modern recycling plants but without the significant costs involved in water-based plastic recycling. By eliminating the costs of purchasing water, chemicals that go into the water, and disposal of the water, ECO2 delivers higher profit margins than the competition. Less money on the front end means more money on the back end, and that's the most sensible kind of investment.

With nine patents issued and more pending, we're changing the way plastics are recycled worldwide. Our innovation has led to the commercialization of a disruptive technology, which is offering the plastics recycling industry advancements both economically and environmentally. Our passion for innovation has been recognized by other forward-thinking companies that are now partnering with us to change the way the world recycles plastics.

ECO2 has raised over $40 million in investment to date and the technology was endorsed by the State of California with a $2 million low interest loan. Our management team has more than a century of industry experience. As our first plant nears full-scale production, our optimization path is leading to further enhancements with next generation technology. Our five-year plan includes multiple plants in the US, and we've got an eye toward international expansion.