EcoArray, Inc

EcoArray combines our expertise in microarray construction and use with our proprietary gene data to develop products for aquatic environmental testing. Ecorray currently offers microarrays for fathead minnow, bass, and water flea, as well as a multitude of laboratory services in gene discovery, array development and bioinformatics.

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12085 Research Drive , Alachua , FL 32615 USA

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)


Development and Expansion.


EcoArray's strategy is to be the dominant source of genetic information on fish and the leading supplier of genomics technology to environmental toxicology. Our business model is expandable to include both other species and many environmental pollutants. We intend to develop and use a proprietary database to make a number of related products including environmental testing gene arrays, contract analysis, laboratory test kits, and associated products. Our continuing research will add to our database of genetic data on fish, which we believe will be valuable for other applications, such as human toxicology testing.

EcoArray Inc. began operations in October 2002. Our administrative offices and development laboratory are currently located at the Biotechnology Development Incubator ('BDI') of the University of Florida in Alachua, FL.

EcoArray's technology is based on the work done originally by Dr. Nancy Denslow, our advisory board chairperson, and Dr. Patrick Larkin, EcoArray's original Vice President for Research and Development, at the protein core laboratory at the University of Florida. In November 2005, we introduced a 2,000 gene fathead minnow microarray that is the result of a collaboration (CRADA) with the EPA. In August 2006, we began offering a much larger fathead minnow array (22K genes).