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Waste water treatment solutions and technical knowledge combined with specialty chemicals supply - it is ECOCHEMICALS! Company Ecochemicals works in the field of water and waste water treatment and sludge dewatering. The main principle of our work is combining expert knowledge together with supplying high quality reagents or biopreparates, which together will ensure the quality and economy of the process.

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K. Donelaicio 62/V. Putvinskio 53 , Kaunas , LT-44248 Lithuania

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

We are waste water treatment specialists and  looking for solutions how to treat waste water of our clients for many Years. Ideal solution would be effective treatment of waste water without big investments.

Of course this is not possible in many cases. But we have discovered something interesting: effective way to remove grease from pipelines, grease traps, pumping stations and waste water treatment plants. This way is distinguished by low price, little labor cost and high efficiency.

That is GREASOLUX cartridges. It has much higher efficiency comparing with usual bioproducts: it is possible cut down grease problems in municipal or industrial waste water system with just a few GREASOLUX cartridges.

GREASOLUX cartridges are medium size, easy to handle cylinders that are filled by huge amount of effective microorganisms and ferments. GREASOLUX removes grease and makes it easy and without big efforts: just after one month of proper use, grease amount will decrease drastically or almost disappear.

GREASOLUX removes grease persistently but softly: without strong chemistry and sharp tools. So, this way does not harm pipelines, pumps and other mechanical equipment. But probably the most important that it is friendly to biological waste water treatment plants and is recommended by many operators.

So, just try GREASOLUX in your company waste water system and grease problems will be solved without big efforts.

GREASOLUX cartridges are submerged into effluents at the places where grease problems arise.  When cartridges dissolve slowly grease degrading microorganisms and ferments are activated. It is necessary to submerge cartridges into right places and to replace them regularly. More detailed recommendations how to use GREASOLUX you can find in the file below. Also we are always happy to consult you additionally regarding GREASOLUX applications.