We have more than 10 years’ experience and a software platform that helps you to build the capabilities and expertise yourself, rather than purely relying on third party rating agencies. We work with more than 12,000 organisations in 100 countries across many industry sectors. We are privately held, well funded and have a very experienced management and advisory team, guiding the business. We also have a compelling vision and an absolute commitment to succeed. Our business model is an equitable one which means the fees you pay reflect how extensively you use our services.

Company details

470, Bath Road , Bristol , BA1 2JB United Kingdom

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Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create the primary source of ESG data that analysts, corporates, investors, rating agencies and civic society can rely on to make smarter decisions that mitigates risk, powers ratings and analyses and identifies areas of future long-term value.

To support this, we will launch our new software platform called Ecodesk Horizon in late 2018

Our Goals

Our goals over the next 4 years are;

Become the central data-hub for ESG metrics

The first is to be the hub for ESG data metrics and reporting as defined in the Reporting Exchange. This is consistent with creating THE primary source of ESG data that can be used by any organisation.

Seamless integration with other ESG platforms

The way we’ll do this is by integrating with the Reporting Exchange and other ESG data platforms and providers.

Simplify ESG data capture and reporting

We want to make the whole process of ESG data capture, analysis and reporting much simpler and easier than it is today. Achieving goals 1 and 2 is a crucial first step to making this a reality.

Eliminate survey fatigue

When we do this we will eliminate survey fatigue, which is one of the most time consuming and unproductive processes that people have to contend with.