Ecodesk is a global supply chain sustainability service provider. At its core is an open cloud-based sustainability platform enabling businesses and organisations to hold their key non-financial metrics in a central location and providing the tool set for detailed analytics of the environmental and social impacts of the supply chain. Analytics which enable the benchmarking of suppliers both internal and external to the supply chain and which can greatly reduce inherent risk, identify opportunities and drive efficiency changes.

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Globally (various continents)

Ecodesk was founded on the principle that every company and organisation should be able to create a sustainability profile that is free at the point of entry, a profile it can share with clients and suppliers. That fundamental vision remains and the creation of an Ecodesk profile continues to be a simple, free of charge process. Building on this underlying principle, the company has evolved and now offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for organisations and businesses who want to understand and measure the environmental and social impacts of their supply chain and to use this information and process to drive positive change.

To be the leading global supplier of supply chain sustainability solutions. Our aim is to provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of world class supply chain sustainability products and services to identify and manage supply chain risk, ensure compliance, improve business continuity and reduce environmental and social impacts.

We will continue to develop a growing suite of tools and services to help businesses meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges of managing resources more efficiently in their supply chains, the risks associated with fast developing global supply chains and the increasing demands for transparency.