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Ecolistec AG

Ecolistec AG has been successfully active in the market with its KippCleaner family of tilt truck products, a drainage system for use at small and medium-sized construction sites. The KippCleaner line is a system used to separate the solids and liquids in construction site wastewater and then neutralise the liquid portion; this permits small and medium-sized sites to separate and neutralise their wastewater in a legally-compliant, environmentally-friendly manner. Ecolistec AG aims to provide top-quality products with a focus on the area of environmental technology. We place special importance on the safety of our products` application as well as their ease of operation.

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Bottighoferstrasse 1 , Kreuzlingen , CH - 8280 Switzerland

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation
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Internationally (various countries)
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Ecolistec Ltd has been successfully active in the market since the beginning of 2008 with its KippCleaner product family, a drainage and neutralising system for small and medium sized construction sites.

The KippCleaner is a patent and design protected product family for solid/liquid separation and neutralisation of construction site wastewater, which allow small and medium sized construction sites to - enviromentally friendly and respecting regulations - separate the suspended matter and lower the pH value of the wastewater with low setting times. The container system KC 500 EN is also used in the food and sewage sectors.

The wastewater technology range has been extended to the modular and robust water measurement technology by Aquaread, an award winning British manufacturer of multiparameter water quality test equipment which is primarily designed for use in the field.

At the beginning of 2009 the patent and design protected Practolino was introduced a unique combination of sack truck, transport trolley and stair-climbing aid which is unparalleled. The Practolino product family is currently offered in three base models for differing purposes with a diverse range of optional equipment.

Our unit ergonomic transport technology was extended in 2011 by the REID crane and lifting technology. Especially the portable aluminium gantry crane systeme with a loading capacity of up to 5000kg is unique with regard to its lightweight, optional equipment, extendability and application potential.

In 2012 the distrubtion for JUMBO ladders, toolboxes and folding scaffolds for Switzerland was assumed. Jumbo is Denmark's largest producer of scaffold and supplier of ladders, lifts and other products for use 'when you wish to reach the top'.

Our aim is to further develop and market innovative quality products in these and other market segments with interesting and innovative differences which differ to the products in their respective market field.

  • Ecolistec Ltd is commited to producing high quality products with a focal point on the area of sustainability and environmental technology.
  • One of our decisive goals is that these products are safe and easy to use.
  • The products distributed by Ecolistec Ltd are developed in accordance to this maxime and existing products modified and refined with this in mind.
  • We shall only bring products to market of which we are ourselves are convinced with respect to quality, sustainability and environmental considerations.
  • We will be pleased to analyse individual requirements and develop customised solutions for interested parties.

The term sustainability has become increasingly popular in recent years. But what is actually meant differs from person to person.
For us the term sustainability is composed of three terms economical, ecological and sociopolitical:
1. Economical
A product which graces itself with the term sustainability muss be economical, i.e. bring its owner or user a economical advantage.
Our product family Practolino is economical as it allows three uses with just one system. This leads to less time spent on loading/unloading items from one device to another for example on construction sites or in warehouses. Another economical advantage: The workers backs and joints have less strain put on them which in turn lowers the probability of health related absence due to work accidents.
2. Ecological
A sustainable product must be ecological, i.e. the route of transportation must be short to reduce CO2 emissions and all components of the product should be available for re-use.
The Practolino was developed for long-term use and is produced in Switzerland. This means that the energy for production of the Practolino is used much more efficiently than that used for its cheaper competitors with shorter life-spans due to the Practolinos longevity, which relieves the environment. Additionally, the short routes of transportation lead to lower CO2 emissions.
The Practolino can be disassembled into its constituent parts without much effort. This makes it easier to replace and repair worn or broken parts. It also means all components can be re-used. The result: Pressure on the environment is reduced.
3. Sociopolitical
Finally a sustainable product is also sociopolitical. This means that the product - produced to a high standard - should be sold in the region in which it is produced. This ensures purchasing power stays in the region and lowers the burden on the environment thanks to short distribution and transport routes.