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  • EcoLog.com


    The National Legislation Service allows you to access EcoLog's database of Canada's more than 2,100 federal, provincial and territorial environmental, oh&s, and workers' compensation Acts, regulations, guidelines and codes of practice. That is more than 20,900 pages of compliance information that is updated and consolidated every month.

  • EcoLog News

    EcoLog News

    Environmental news, views and compliance issues to help protect you and your business. This is Canada's most objective and informative environmental news source. EcoLog News delivers exclusive coverage of environmental and safety regulatory and policy developments to you twice a week. Every Tuesday and Friday you will benefit from regular compliance updates, as well as trade news from a cross section of Canadian industries.

  • EHScompliance.ca Newsletter

    EHScompliance.ca Newsletter

    (Formerly Environmental Compliance Report and the Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Report). EHScompliance.ca is a monthly national online newsletter, in its 24th year, that alerts subscribers to upcoming environmental, oh&s, and workers' compensation legislation across Canada before it becomes law and is incorporated into EcoLog's legislative database. You'll get insight into enforcement activities, tips on what the hot issues are, commentary on...

  • EcoLog News

    EcoLog News

    (Formerly EcoLog Week). For over 25 years, EcoWeek.ca (formerly EcoLog Week) has provided up-to-date analysis of current environmental news. As a subscriber to EcoWeek.ca, you'll learn how to get the biggest bang for your cleanup dollar. You’ll discover what the regulatory authorities are planning, how to get involved, and what the likely costs will be. Cut your compliance costs by keeping up-to-date on developments in waste treatment and technology,...

  • EcoLog ERIS – Canada`s Primary Environmental Risk Information Service

    EcoLog ERIS – Canada`s Primary Environmental Risk Information Service

    EcoLog Environmental Risk Information Service Ltd. (ERIS) is Canada's provider of property-related environmental risk information. ERIS has forged a reputation for accurate, affordable, and quick-turn-around searches and services for historic and current records related to environmental conditions of a property. We alert owners and environmental professionals of possible environmental problems on a specific site and its neighbouring area. ERIS'...