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The ERIS service provides data from Federal and Provincial levels of government as well as private sector sources which will alert the ERIS client to possible environmental liabilities associated with real estate and neighboring properties. The process of acquiring public records for risk assessment purposes can be frustrating and time consuming. An ERIS report provides a one stop shop for the historical environmental information needed for completing your due diligence providing the solutions for your risk assessment information concerns.

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38 Lesmill Rd , Toronto , ON M3B 2S9 Canada

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Service provider
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Internationally (various countries)
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Since 1997, the Environmental Risk Information Service (ERIS) has been the leading provider of current and historical environmental risk information for land transactions. ERIS delivers accurate, affordable, on-demand database research services for property sites and neighboring areas indicating historic and current environmental concerns and supplying corresponding reference materials.

The ERIS system electronically accesses over 440 federal, provincial, and private sector databases containing over 4 million current and historical environment records to identify potential environmental threats on Canadian properties.

Whether you are doing a Phase I, Phase II, a remediation assessment, financial perspective, evaluating insurance risk or legal due diligence, the ERIS service is an invaluable resource to assist you in assessing environmental risk of any property nationwide.

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