Ecology & Pioneering

Ecology & Pioneering

Ecology and Pioneering works with companies and organisations that have a thorough commitment to environmental and social leadership and wish to demonstrate that leadership through practical, successful market-orientated initiatives. Ecology and Pioneering exists to advance the goals of its clients.

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Södra Larmgatan 6 , Gothenburg , SE-411 16 Sweden

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Service provider
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Environmental - Environmental Management
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Internationally (various countries)
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You are going to do something extraordinary – lead your field on an environmental or social issue. Ecology and Pioneering exists to get behind your vision with a winning strategy, risk analysis and execution.

As you show your customers a better way forward, we’ll make sure your organisation benefits as it should. Turning their tide of concern into well-deserved reputation growth, product sales and brand loyalty.

We choose to work exclusively with clients of commitment and integrity to create decisive, impactful campaigns and build new market opportunities.

Successful execution involves…

  • Environmental Due Diligence – Before you launch your campaign it is vital that your solution will stand up to public scrutiny. Is it vulnerable to attack? Can it be defended?
  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement – Which opinion builders do you need on your side? How can customers get on board? Which policy makers can be your champion?
  • Campaign strategy – Bunker time spent digesting research and mapping your campaign will transform its effectiveness. We guide you through the process.
  • Execution – With an international network spanning four decades, we play a hands-on role in informing and influencing your audience – from one on one meetings with policy makers and journalists to broader media and market initiatives.

We are world-class campaigners, leveraging hard-won experience gained at the frontline of the most high-profile environmental issues of modern times.

Today’s environmental movement and concerned policy makers have long since learned to work at arms length with sympathetic corporations.

With long experience at the leading international environmental organisations, we’ve built relationships within that sector and with policy makers, officials, journalists and other opinion builders.

Here though, reputation and trust are critical, and so is our commitment to advocate only environmentally and socially progressive solutions.

It’s from our four decades of NGO-related campaigning that we’ve learned the bedrock skills of campaign management. It’s where we built relationships within the NGO sector, and with the policy makers, officials and journalists who shape public opinion. And, in commissioning and conducting environmental work over that period, we’re now able to call upon a trusted group of expert professionals as required.