ecom instruments GmbH

ecom instruments GmbH

ecom instruments GmbH are a leading supplier worldwide q in environments at risk from explosions. We manufacture and market products from the following sectors: mobile computing, communications, measuring and calibrating equipment as well as portable torches and handlamps.

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Industriestraße 2 , Assamstadt , D-97959 Germany

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Health and Safety
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Globally (various continents)
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Your safety is our business. Devices for use in explosive areas have to fulfil specific requirements. ecom has been involved in this field for over 25 years and has acquired extensive expertise in explosion protection for everyday industrial use in potentially explosive atmospheres. ecom instruments is a manufacturer of equipment for use in various sectors, including oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, mining, pharmaceuticals, energy and the environment. Reputable, professional, competent and reliable: This is what our customers have become familiar with all over the world.

Mobile Experts

ecom instruments is an innovative company which is characterised by its integrity, professionalism, high levels of expertise and reliability in realising demanding projects in the field of explosion-shielded products. Your requirements are accommodated by our employees around the world. We regard ourselves as a partner to customers from the most diverse sectors, which include the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and mining industry to name but a few. In our four core disciplines of Mobile Computing, Communication, Measuring & Calibration and Handlamps we offer a huge variety of innovative and proven solutions. Immaterial whether you are looking for an industrial PDA, mobile phone, measuring device or torch: products from ecom are thought-out to the finest detail, combine uncompromising safety features with maximum functionality, and come with all of the necessary approvals and certification for use in your area of application.

Your safety is our top priority
Your safety as a measure of our actions - this principle has been the basis for 20 years of success in the Ex-area. And a considerable motivator for our engineers, developers and specialist manufacturers. In the future their ideas, attention to detail and passion will ensure your work inside and outside the Ex-area is safer, more flexible and more efficient. Of that you can be completely sure.

Innovation, quality and satisfaction are our aim
Our innovative staff are continuously working on realising new products and developing principles for new standards, which are always focussed on the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Ensuring maximum quality in development, production and service is our way of maintaining our promise to you - the best possible safety for your everyday operations!.