Ecomaster Atzwanger S.p.A

Ecomaster Atzwanger S.p.A

Ecomaster has been working with environmental plants since 1993. Its engineers have experience in the field of plant design, construction and start-up dating to the 1970s. This ensures the stability of the company and the reliability of its technologies. Solid waste treatment started developing a few decades ago in countries having too little room for landfills. Because the technologies used in this field have only been consolidated recently, specific experience is crucial. A sound education is necessary to handle matters involving mechanics, microbiology, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and computer science, but Ecomaster’s hands-on experience is also an absolute must.

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Via Palmanova, 31 , S. Maria La Longa (UD) , 33050 Italy

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Internationally (various countries)
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Engineers can listen

Nobody knows better than clients about plant productivity, quality of recovered products, construction schedules and operation economics.

The experience of designers and contractors cannot replace the know-how of people who operate plants on a daily basis to solve environmental problems and manage their businesses.

Ecomaster pays attention to customers’ needs while as a new facility is being designed. As a matter of fact, every project is different and none can really be the replica of a plant that has already been built.

Quality is included

The quality of waste treatment systems depends most of all on the quality that the contractor is able to achieve thanks to the organization and knowledge of his people.

Ecomaster disagrees with the concept that the quality of a plant depends on its budget. There are plants that work properly, and plants that are not reliable because they cannot perform according to their design.

Certification of one’s quality system, which Ecomaster has obtained, is not in itself a guarantee. The certifying organization does not check the actual quality of products, but may only ascertain that the vendor is faithful to its own quality system.

A passion for waste

Passion for the company’s products is the main motivation for Ecomaster’s engineers and management. This passion promotes the development of the technologies that the company uses successfully in its projects.

One of Ecomaster’s priorities is to build a flexible technology, open to the developments deriving from innovations and changes in operating conditions.

Solid waste is often a heterogeneous material, with composition varying throughout the seasons and the years. Furthermore, treatment needs to change along with laws and social or economic conditions. Therefore, even experts must remain open to learning and innovation.