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  • Indirectly Heated Thermal Desorption

    At the core of the econ VacuDry process is a specially designed dryer chamber which uses heat and controlled vacuum to evaporate volatile contaminants. The batch-wise working indirectly heated thermal desorption process treats solids contaminated with mercury, hydrocarbons, solvents and other hazardous substances at temperatures above their boiling points. To heat up the dryer a temperature resistant synthetic oil is circulated inside the dryer´s heating jacket and its central shaft. The rotati

  • VacuDry - Vacuum Distillation Unit For Refinery And Drilling Waste

    VacuDry - Vacuum Distillation Unit For Refinery And Drilling Waste

    Applications and design, Process: Indirect Heated Vacuum Thermal Desorption / Vacuum Distillation. Source: Tank cleaning sludge from crude oil tanks. Oil lagoons, oil pits, sedimentation ponds. Solid phase from centrifugation. Drill cuttings, oil based mud (OBM). Contaminated materials from pipeline leakage. Input Material: Sludges with varying viscosities, semi-solids, solids, soils.

  • VacuDry - Oil and Metal Recovery from Grinding Swarf

    VacuDry - Oil and Metal Recovery from Grinding Swarf

    A combination of rising prices for resources and the improvement in technology make treatment of mill scale and grinding swarf an extremely environmentally friendly and economical solution. The first VacuDry® plant for the recovery of oil solvents and metals from sludges began operating in autumn 2012.

  • Soil remediation - Solutions for oil and gas

    econ industries offers solutions for the treatment of hazardous industrial waste, such as contaminated soils, drill cuttings, etc. The company's proprietary VacuDry® technology uses heat and vacuum to separate the hazardous contaminants like mercury, pesticides, PCB, PAH, organic lead compounds, as well as almost all other evaporable hydrocarbons.

  • VacuDry - Soil Remediation Plant of Hydrocarbon Contaminants

    VacuDry - Soil Remediation Plant of Hydrocarbon Contaminants

    Remediation of hydrocarbon contaminants from oil lagoons and refinery waste; In 2007 econ industries delivered an indirectly heated thermal desorption plant to a client in Kuwait. The plant was designed to treat various types of waste with hydrocarbon contaminant content, in particular refinery waste, oil lagoons and down hole drilling waste. The aim is to recover the waste hydrocarbons from the soil/sand and remediate the lagoons of their...

  • VacuDry - Soil Remediation Plant

    VacuDry - Soil Remediation Plant

    Remediation of mercury contaminated industrial site for future expansion of industrial area. 70,000 tons of mercury contaminated soil and building rubble have to be cleaned in an industrial facility in the south of France until 2013. For the realization of this remediation work, an econ industries VacuDry® 12,000 has been in operation since early 2011. After the treatment the mercury free soils can be re-used on-site as building...

  • Mobile VacuDry - 1st Mobile VacuDry unit completed

    Mobile VacuDry - 1st Mobile VacuDry unit completed

    After 6 months manufacturing econ industries now delivered the first fully mobile VacuDry® vacuum distillation unit, having the size of a 40´´ container. The heart of the plant consists of our well proven VacuDry® 1,000 vacuum dryer. The feeding and discharge systems of the plant can be adapted to a wide variety of input materials. To stay flexible the plant is built in modules that can be exchanged easily – a great way to increase serviceability and to...

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  • VacuDry - Vacuum Distillation Process

    VacuDry - Vacuum Distillation Process

    Greatest benefits of the econ VacuDry technology: Highly efficient thermal desorption is achieved due to a unique vacuum and indirect thermal oil heating system. Recovery of valuable resources rather than incineration. Highest safety and environmental protection standards – due to the vacuum process, nitrogen blanketing and full procedure control. Lowest emission of any desorber type – due to the vacuum system, activated charcoal filter...

  • VacuDry - Mercury Waste Treatment Units

    VacuDry - Mercury Waste Treatment Units

    econ industries is the only company worldwide which operates a complete mercury waste recovery and treatment centre; suitable for processing all types of mercury waste on an industrial scale. The econ industries mercury waste centre combines only the safest and most environmentally friendly technologies available. Utilising our equipment and technical knowledge, we are able to safely separate mercury from wastes and, if required, stabilize the...

  • VacuDry - Waste Treatment Mobile Solutions Unit

    VacuDry - Waste Treatment Mobile Solutions Unit

    With the new VacuDry 2,000 and VacuDry 6,000 series, the innovative VacuDry® technology is now available as fully mobile unit. This incredibly flexible design still offers all of the advantages that our customers have come to expect, many of which lead the market in the field of industrial waste treatment. The mobile plants consist of completely pre-assembled, containerized and skid-mounted modules that can be easily transported and put into...

  • VacuDry - Vacuum Dryer

    VacuDry - Vacuum Dryer

    VacuDry plants are equipped with a varying number of vacuum dryers, totalling a gross volume of 2,000 to 12,000 litres. The dryers work in a batch-wise process. The batch time depends on the feed material consistency, as well as various adjustable parameters and operating conditions.