Éconeau Inc

Éconeau Inc

Éconeau is an innovating family business which promotes the values of transparency and respect for the environment. It quickly became the reference in the field of rain water recovery systems in Quebec. Éconeau’s idea was born when water ran out at the family cottage in 2008. Following an earthquake, the artesian well could no longer supply potable water. A solution had to be found. After a heavy rainfall and seeing that rain water could be stored, Claude and Marie-Claude started thinking of a system to recover this water. Many enquiries on various rain water recovery systems were made worldwide. Inspired by their findings, they came up with three systems and used their cottage to test them and to adapt them to the Quebec climate and standards.

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845A rue Tecumseh , Dollard-des-Ormeaux , Quebec H9R 4T8 Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Stormwater
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Seeing the effectiveness of their invention, they decided to market their rain water recovery systems and to make them known to the Quebecers by setting up the Éconeau company.


Consume water the smart way

Our ancestors always recovered rain water, but over time, this wise custom was lost. It’s high time to return to our roots and to make way to a sound management of waters.

Éconeau offers a rain water recovery solution that is sustainable and accessible in order to preserve one of our most valuable collective wealth: potable water.

Quebecers are among the greatest water consumers in the world. Yet, despite beliefs, this resource is not inexhaustible. Only 2 % of our potable water reserves is used for drinking and cooking. Around 30 % is used for the toilets. 11 % is used for cleaning clothes. There is a way to reduce this waste. Éconeau offers you an ecological and innovative solution to reduce your potable water consumption by 30 to 80 %, and even more.

It’s time to change our ways and to adopt practices that are more respectful of the environment and our resources. For that, the Éconeau system represents an ecological and intelligent choice.

Current Use of Rain Water

Rain water is clean and clear as well as being easy to filter and store. It contains no minerals, heavy metals or chemical products. Thanks to the Éconeau system, you can collect rain water and use it for different things requiring no potable water. This water can be used Summer or Winter with the help of an underground tank or even an indoor tank.


The Éconeau innovative rain water recovery technology is easy to use. The system can be installed on all buildings, no matter the size. The concept is both simple and effective.

The water is first collected by the roof’s rain gutters or by a drain on a flat roof. It is then filtered by a primary filter which prevents debris, leaves and insects from going into the recovery tank. Water is stored in a high-density polyethylene tank that can be buried or placed inside the building.

A circulation system allows for the renewal of the water to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and algae caused by stagnant waters. This ensures a water that is clear, clean, fresh and ready to be used any time. The water can then be retrieved with a pump made exclusively for our system that will give you adequate pressure for your needs.

Finally, the water will be micro-filtered to rid it of small particles before being directed to your appliances inside or outside the building.