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  • Econet - Water Treatment Plant

    Econet - Water Treatment Plant

    One of our core business areas is to design and build water treatment plants. These plants may be municipal waterworks or process water treatment plants for industries, as well as plants producing demineralized make-up water for boilers or condensate purification plants of power stations. We always select the most effective and most economical water purification method depending on the characteristics of raw water and the application.

  • Econet - Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Econet - Wastewater Treatment Plant

    One of our core business areas is to design and build wastewater treatment plants. In addition to conventional purification methods we also offer special solutions, e.g., for processes with variable loads and low temperatures. Close cooperation between the client and Econet at an early stage of the project ensures a high-quality end result that fully meets the client’s needs. We also aim to constantly develop our operating methods and...

  • Econet - Power Plant Water Treatment System

    Econet - Power Plant Water Treatment System

    Power plants, like any other industry, aim to run the production process as economically as possible and though fulfilling the environmental requirements. Water is needed in power plants to move the energy released from fuel in steam boiler to the turbines and further to the generators which convert it into electric energy. Thus, water plays a central role in energy production. Operating life and efficiency of the major power plant equipment, i.e....