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  • Slamex - Model BS - Bar Screen

    Slamex - Model BS - Bar Screen

    Bar screen SLAMEX BS is a reliable and user-frendly machine designed for pretreatment of wastewater. Operation description: The rake slides down along the guiding rails mounted to the channel walls. A guiding plate installed at the bottom of the channel moves the rake onto the screen, after which the wire rope with electric actuator pulls the rake up. Screenings gathered by the rake are delivered to a conveyor or directy to a container.

  • Slamex - Hydraulic Screenings Press

    Slamex - Hydraulic Screenings Press

    Slamex screenings press is a robust press piston, which compresses the screenings by using the counter-pressure generated inside a full conveyor pipe. As a result, considerable amounts of water are pressed out while the screenings pass on inside the pipe with each stroke of the piston.  Slamex screenings press easily transfers screenings vertically and horizontally through the pipe.

  • Slamex - Model SD - Sand Dewatering Unit

    Slamex - Model SD - Sand Dewatering Unit

    The Slamex SD sand separator with a screw conveyor is designed for sand removal in fully automated mode, and can be used for both sand and other impurities of wastewater provided that the sediment velocity is sufficient. Slimex SD sand separator consists of a steel chamber in which sand is filtered. At the bottom of the chamber there is an inclined screw conveyor designed for lifting and dehydration of sand. The water-sand mixture is pumped through...

  • Dewa - Model Chain Scraper System - CSS

    Dewa - Model Chain Scraper System - CSS

    DEWA chain scraper system is reliable and user-friendly solution for rectangular settling basins. They can be used in various applications, such as, water and wastewater treatment, API oil-water separation, storm water treatment, and desalination. DEWA chain scrapers can be built one on top of the other in 2 – 3 layers, and are applicable for rectangular basins up to 100m long and 12m wide. DEWA chain scrapers are available in two/three- shaft...

  • Slamex - Screw Conveyor

    Slamex - Screw Conveyor

    Slamex screw conveyor is a superior solution for transporting sticky, long-fibred materials, rags, yarns, and metal particles. Thanks to its shaftless design, yarn-like materials cannot become entangled around the conveyor’s shaft, nor can it become clogged by sticky materials. The screw spiral can be provided with an extra inner spiral to increase axial strength and provide added capacity for ascending conveyors.

  • Slamex - Sluice Gate

    Slamex - Sluice Gate

    Oy Slamex Ab is a manufacturer of penstocks and sluice gates with decades of experience. Our product range covers a large selection of different sizes and types of gates for different purposes. Depending on the Client’s requirements the penstocks can be with manual use or equipped with electrical drive unit, or they can be sluice gates for hydrotechnical construction.