Ecopneus scpa

Ecopneus scpa

Ecopneus scpa is a non-profit Limited Company for the traceability, collection, treatment and recovery of End of Life Tyres (ELT), set up by the leading tyre manufacturers operating in Italy on the basis of art. 228 of Legislative Decree 152/2006. Ecopneus’ mission is to manage a large part of the over 380,000 tons of tyres that reach the end of their life every year in Italy. It is currently responsible for handling a number of ELTs proportionate to the overall market share of its member.

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Via Messina, 38 - Torre B , Milano (MI) , 20154 Italy

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Professional association
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Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)

Ecopneus scpa is the non-profit company for the tracking, collection, processing and final destination of end-of-life tyres (ELT) created by the major tyre manufacturers operating in Italy under Art. 228 of Legislative Decree 152/2006, which obligates tyre manufacturers and importers to ensure the management of a quantity of ELTs equal in weight to that which is placed on the replacement market in the preceding calendar year.

The legislation provides for the possibility for tyre manufacturers and importers to fulfil their legal obligations as both individuals or in a partnership; the latter is the case of Ecopneus, which has an organizational model for the management of end-of-life tyres already adopted by most European countries.

As provided for by Ministerial Decree 82/2011, which implements Art. 228, in addition to providing for all the operations necessary to ensure the correct recovery of all the ELTs under their responsibility, Ecopneus is also entrusted with the duty of reporting to the authorities, with an appropriate computer system, in order to certify the quantitative flows of ELTs from the source to collection and use, as well as economic reporting and the reporting of the quantities placed on the market annually.  If the targets are not met, the manufacturers and importers will be subjected to a system of sanctions.

You can consult the list of the Ecopneus partner tyre production and import companies on the dedicated page.

Ecopneus’ mission

The company’s mission embraces all the system’s managerial aspects; in particular, Ecopneus must:

  • identify all the points of generation of the tyre-waste.  The complete mapping of all the tyre fitters, service stations, garages and, in general, points where tyres are changed, allows the monitoring of the places where waste production occurs;
  • optimize the logistical part of the system.  Ecopneus guarantees that the pick-up of ELTs from tyre fitters and the transport to storage centres and recovery facilities – a fundamental part of the ELT chain – functions in an integrated and efficient manner;
  • guarantee the supply to all operators.  The flow of ELTs to be collected must be constant and spread throughout the area in order to support a local economy that reflects positively on the national one;
  • promote new uses of ELTs.  Ecopneus promotes the research and development of the applications and markets that can use the materials derived from ELTs; it also strives to disseminate adequate information to expand their possibilities for use in both areas that are already known and in innovative applications;
  • carry out monitoring and reporting.  In order to prevent the dispersal of ELTs in illegal channels it is important to constantly follow their flow, making each passage transparent and promoting proper reporting.

One million tons of end-of-life tyres, around a hundred million ELTs, equal to the weight of eight cruise ships. That’s how many end-of-life tyres have been collected and recovered since the launch of the national system, in September 2011, by Ecopneus, the non-profit company that manages 70% of the ELTs in Italy. A round number with which Ecopneus celebrates its four years of activity, during which it has recovered the equivalent in weight of 100 million individual car tyres that have been transformed into powder for silent asphalt, environmentally-friendly sports flooring and sound-proofing for construction, as well as the production of new energy and cement. From 2011 to today 62.5% of the ELTs collected have been used for energy recovery, while 37.5% have been transformed into new materials such as steel and rubber granules and powder. The material recovery sector is one on which Ecopneus is betting with great conviction, with an investment in research and innovation – from 2011 to today – that has already reached 14 million euros in order to promote applications of rubber recycled from ELTs.

This panorama of growth has witnessed the use of recycled rubber in sports flooring (30%), play areas for children (13%), sound insulation for construction (5%) and low noise asphalts (1%) to date.