ECORYS Netherlands BV is an economic research and consulting firm. We stand for knowledge, quality and innovation, both in our approach as in the solutions we provide for complex market, management and policy.From an independent position, we are policy makers from government and industry side by thorough research, consultancy and process management. Our expertise lies in space, economy, transportation and community issues. ECORYS Netherlands is part of ECORYS Research & Consulting, a European group of consulting and research organizations. The group currently employs around 550 highly qualified employees operating from six p.m. offices in ten countries. ECORYS was founded after the merger of NEI (Dutch Economisch Instituut) and the British Consultants and Kolpron ECOTEC Research & Consulting.

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Consulting firm
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Environmental - Environmental Management
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our history dates back to 1929, when a group of businessmen from Rotterdam established the Foundation The Netherlands Economic Institute (NEI). Poverty relief and other social issues were regarded as important social and economic problems. The goal of the Foundation NEI was then to stimulate the collection and the analysis of economic data. Through the years, our organisation has brought forth many remarkable people who have contributed to the science of economics, including NEI director (1935-1968) Professor Jan Tinbergen, who was awarded the first Nobel Prize for economics for his work in 1969.
During the '90s, Ecorys' expertise proved important with regards to the growth of the EU and reformation processes in countries in Middle and Eastern Europe. To be able to cope with globalisation and in order to stay competitive, NEI developed into a pan-European company. Offices were established in Brussels and Moscow.
In 1999, NEI merged with Kolpron Consultants (established in 1979). In 2000 the diversification and internationalisation was continued by merging with the British company ECOTEC Research and Consulting, specialising in social policy. The name Ecorys was chosen as new name for the Group. Today Ecorys is a company with strong European roots, active worldwide and aiming to be involved in challenging issues regarding the EU.
We value our independence, our integrity and our partnerships and care about the environment we work and live in. We have an active CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme, which centres around creating shared value that benefits society and business and which is a joint effort by company and staff.

Sound analysis, inspiring ideas is more than a slogan.
Our clients value us for the high quality of our research and analysis, the unique combination of our global presence and local expertise and our extensive experience in economic, social and spatial development issues. We help our clients see the true context or their questions and challenges, look at them from different perspectives and come up with new interpretations and visions.  Ecoryans go beyond what’s expected and take that extra step. This for us is what sound analysis, inspiring ideas is all about.

Visual acuity is acuteness or clearness of vision, which is dependent on the sharpness of the retinal focus within the eye and the sensitivity of the interpretative faculty of the brain.
20/20 vision is about seeing things thruthfully and whole, about seeing with clarity and taking in the necessary details to be able to understand and describe what it is that one sees. Vision is also about context. We use context to determine, to interpret, to understand and to advise.
For Ecorys, 20/20 vision is about meeting challenges and seeing facts, truth and perspective. It is about placing things in their true context, interpreting what it is exactly that we are seeing. It is also about being able to zoom in for more detail, or to take a step back to be able to see the bigger picture.
For 85 years we have been helping our clients meet their challenges, helping them see things in their economic and social context and helping them build solutions in the shape of policies and programmes.

We value our independence, our integrity and our partnerships. We care about our environment and have an active corporate social responsibility program.
Ecorys is for the greater part owned by its employees. The only ‘external’ stakeholder is the Foundation NEI which invests its revenues in promoting applied economic science, with the Ecorys Research Programme being one of the main beneficiaries.
Ecorys enjoys a reputation for conducting its business with integrity and with respect for the interests of those our activities can affect. This reputation is an asset, just as real as our people and brands. Please check our Code of Business Ethics.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We organise our operations in a sustainable manner and aim to offset our impact on the environment. Our CSR efforts are about creating 'shared value' that benefits society and business and are a joint effort by company and staff, with awareness and caring as keywords.

Ecorys aims to deliver real benefit to society though our work. The Ecorys Research Programme helps to explore policy issues in depth and to develop new ideas, approaches and methodologies. It is funded by Ecorys and the Foundation NEI. Some projects are partially funded from external research funds and from clients with a special interest in particular topics. The funded projects follow an annual rolling programme.

Over the last couple of years we engaged in research on subjects as varied as industrial competitiveness, community justice, childhood obesity, quality of life indicators, and micro health insurance in developing countries.