EcoSafety Sciences

EcoSafety Sciences

EcoSafety Sciences provides consulting services to evaluate the safety and potential risks of chemicals in the environment – particularly to the health of ecosystems. EcoSafety Sciences provides the following services: Ecological risk assessment of active pharmaceutical ingredients for new drug applications using European Medicines Agency (EMEA) guidelines and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance. Ecological safety assessment programs for companies seeking to proactively design and select green processes, raw materials, and products. Rapid responses to strategic questions about the ecological safety of products, processes, and effluents for regulatory agencies, NGOs, business partners, and the public. Exposure and risk assessment for organic chemicals and metals in water, and soil under US and EU REACH guidance. Design and oversight of new studies in support of clients` ecological safety questions.

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841 Worcester Road No. 327 , Natick , Massachusetts 01760 USA

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Consulting firm
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Health and Safety - Health and Safety Regulations and Compliance
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Globally (various continents)