Ecosfera Srl has always worked with wastes into the branch of environmental chemistry. The factory plant located in Bulgarograsso (CO) is the pulsating heart of Ecosfera Srl, completely renovated and modernized during the last years. This investment allowed to improve the plant, to increase the treatment capacity and the storage area and to enhance the operativity.

Company details

Via Pirandello, 7 , Bulgarograsso (CO) , 22070 Italy

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

The company Ecosfera Srl, relative to the accident of 07/02 us, wishes to communicate that thanks to the security systems present in the company, the preparation of emergency workers promptly intervened and to the rapid rescue brought by VVF, Red Cross etc., whom we thank, it was possible to contain the event as far as possible and related damage to persons and property. No type of pollutants in the atmosphere has been detected by ARPA. We are working to provide maximum collaboration to the relevant bodies to be able to resume operation as soon as possible.


  • The Company exercises its activity in compliance
  • with the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control authorization IPPC -
  • Final Act no.01/2016 delivered by Bulgarograsso Municipality in June 7th, 2016.

Some useful hints:

  • authorized waste recovery: 70.000 tons per year
  • admitted storage: 1.495 mc
  • authorized activities: D9, D13, D14, D15 (disposal), R2, R4, R11, R12, R13 (recovery)
  • authorized EWC: about 350 codes

International Certifications

  • The society was the first Company concerning with elimination of refusals and solvents regeneration to obtain both the ISO 9001 (quality) and the ISO 14001 certification (environment).

The Company currently operates in compliance with the following voluntary certifications:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:08  (quality, from 1997);
  • UNI EN ISO 14001:04 (environment, from 1999);
  • BSI OHSAS 18001:07 (health&safety, from 2004).