Ecosystems S.r.l.

Ecosystems S.r.l.

ECOSYSTEMS is a company operating in the market since 1989 and over the years has provided numerous services to public entities and private companies in the field of safety and industrial hygiene, environmental, environmental engineering and water treatment, occupational medicine and chemical and microbiological analysis.

Ecosystems, UNI EN ISO 9001 certified company, in 2003 created the DIVISION OF PLANT AND MACHINERY order to provide its customers an integrated service more professional and specialized in complex areas of the primary water treatment, waste water and process fluids and air treatment.

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Via Udine, 14 , Pomezia , (RM) Italy
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Engineering service provider
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Nationally (across the country)
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ECOSYSTEMS has been a functioning company since 1989, the date of its foundation. Since that time it has provided numerous services to public and private entities in the sectors of: health, industrial and environmental safety; environmental engineering and water treatment; medicine at work and chemical and microbiological analyses.

ECOSYSTEMS, certified by UNI EN ISO 9001, created a division of PLANTS and MACHINERY in 2003. The aim was to provide clients with an integrated and ever more professional service that specialized in the sectors of primary water treatment, run-off waters, processing fluids, and air treatment.

ECOSYSTEMS is composed of 6 divisions:

  • Energy Division
  • Plants
  • Machinery
  • Analysis And Research
  • Environment And Safety
  • Occupational Medicine

These divisions operate together in order to satifsy every possible need of the client at the highest standard of competence and professionalism.

Given this structure ECOSYSTEMS can function as a sole agent for all environmental and work place problems with total confidence that each service will be realized after careful study of real issues.

The continuous pursuit of 'the best' in terms of personnel and products as well as high value of quality per price has made ECOSYSTEMS a leader in its sector.

The relationship with our clients is strong and lasting. Their problems are our problems and as such we give swift and efficient solutions.

Only when you are completely satisfied, have we obtained our goal.

The continuous pursuit of 'the best' in terms of personnel and products and services offering good value for money enable us to meet the needs of our clients and make us a leader in the sector. Our relationship with our clients is strong and committed. Their problems are our problems, and we strive to give swift and efficient solutions.

Only when our client is completely satisfied have we fulfilled our mission.

The PLANTS division boasts a highly specialized team in the construction, management, and maintenance of water and air treatment plants. A qualified technical office designs and optimizes plants using the best available technologies for treating run-off waters, water for human consumption, and air.

For water destined for human consumption, ECOSYSTEMS has reached a high technological expertise in the treatment of water containing arsenic, flouride, nickel and nitrates. In addition we have worked on systems of water softening, iron removal, and removal of manganese for years. In the treatment of run-off waters (domestic, industrial, or rain) and of air with subsequent recovery of solvents, ECOSYSTEMS has again great experience and competence and has been able to create plants capable of resolving a wide range of problems.