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  • Plants Division

    The vision of Ecosystems Plants and Machinery Division is to be the best provider of systems for water and air treatment. That means capable of providing the best processes, machinery, and instruments.

  • Adsorbers for Recovery of Solvents

    Adsorbers for Recovery of Solvents

    Ecosystems is capable of designing, constructing, and installing systems for the lowering of emissions into the atmosphere and for the recovery of solvents. This allows the client to respect the applicable legal restrictions concerning atmospheric pollution.

  • Plant For Car Wash Run-Off

    Plant For Car Wash Run-Off

    The run-off water from the washing of vehicles flows into a series of tubs that serve for pre-sedimenation and general de-greasing. The water is pumped by a submerged electric pump and sent to the section of the plant that regulates the pH of the reaction/flocculation. There chemicals stored in separate containers are added.

  • Filters for Drinking Water

    Filters for Drinking Water

    Applications: Water destined for human consumption must meet the requirements set by the regulation in force (D.Lgs 02/02/2001 n. 31). It therefore often undergoes different treatments. ECOSYSTEMS has reached a high technological level for this type of water treatment. It has particular expertise in the selective elimination of arsenic, flouride, nickel, and nitrates, as well as long experience in water softening and systems for the removal of iron...

  • Plant Using Active Sludge for Organic Waste

    Plant Using Active Sludge for Organic Waste

    Functioning: The plant allows for the treatment of liquid wastes from inhabitation in keeping with the regulation in force, Tab. 3 AlI. V Law 152/06. The drain waters coming from the sewers are sent into an accumulation tub. There a pumping station with level regulators manages the feeding of the biological plant. The pumps pump a quantity that is suitable for the potential of the plant. The quantity of waste is controlled by a regulator and then...

  • Floating Plant for Run-Off Water from Paved Areas

    Floating Plant for Run-Off Water from Paved Areas

    Applications: The plant is conceived for the treatment of meteoric water collected from paved areas. The physio-chemical plant consists of a metallic block and various electro-mechanical components. It is designed to treat water so that it conforms to the regulations set in Table 3- Appendix V - D.L. 152/06.