ECOTEC, Ecología Técnica, S.A.

ECOTEC, Ecología Técnica, S.A.

ECOTEC, Ecología Técnica, S.A.

ECOTEC was founded in 1990 and is part of TEFSA, which comprises a group of leading companies in the provision of solutions for global filtration. The company was created by professionals with vast experience in environmental protection, and whose goal is to provide innovative solutions in the field of gas and water treatment. Since its inception, ECOTEC has focused on expanding and improving its solutions by working closely with expert companies in the environmental sector, and in a very special way, by the continuous development of its own technology. Over the years, ECOTEC has provided innovative solutions in the field of water treatment. It has developed new applications in lamellar settling, lamella cleaning systems, new applications and materials in chain scrapers for sludge removal, aeration systems, and membrane bioreactors, amongst others.

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C/ Esteve Terradas, 37 A, Pol. Ind. Bufalvent , Manresa , Barcelona 08243 Spain
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

In the field of gas treatment, ECOTEC has invested great effort in recent years to developing new technology for the biological treatment of gas by means of bioscrubber and biotrickling, as these systems provide multiple improvements over conventional technology such as; reduced environmental impact, reduced operational costs and a wide range of potential applications, etc.

While ECOTEC has hundreds of references in operation and has established a solid position within the environmental sector, it is committed to continuous development in order to provide its customers with continuous improvements to its solutions, resulting in a win-win situation at the end of the day.

Since its foundation in 1990, ECOTEC has been steadfast in its commitment to innovation.

ECOTEC initially specialized in the use of technical plastics designed for complex applications, and in gas treatment systems under demanding conditions (temperature, concentration, etc.).

Later on, with the consolidation of its water treatment division, ECOTEC successfully introduced lamellar settling for diverse waste water processes - an area that was previously unexplored- and started working on: primary clarification, storm tanks, secondary clarification and tertiary treatment, etc.

ECOTEC, has contributed to the design and application of special plastic chain scrapers for rectangular tanks; among these projects is the largest waste water treatment plant in Spain (80 scrapers in double deck settlers) as well as scum removal with the use of special materials for the desalination of sea water.

In the field of odour treatment, and thanks to contributions from biofiltration specialists, in the mid-90s, ECOTEC installed its first biological filters in sewage and municipal solid waste (MSW) treatment plants.

These systems were the first step toward more recent developments in biotechnology for gas treatment: biotrickling and bioscrubber, whose main application is the removal of high H2S concentrations. Several of these units are currently in operation with excellent performance rates.

ECOTEC has also positioned itself as an MBR specialist, for which the company uses top quality German membranes. ECOTEC has several references in operation, its own engineering department; and ECOTEC operates several pilot plants, which allows the company to adapt its proposals to real performances.