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  • Gas Treatment

  • Absorption / Desorption / Washing System

    Absorption / Desorption / Washing System

    The physical / chemical absorption of the pollutant contaminants is carried out by means of chemical reactive, and they are chosen according to their efficiency, their acquisition costs and the ease for storage and handling. The installation, if requested, can be fully automated through globalized control systems, which can include pH and rX control, conductivity sensors, densimeters, automatic valves, level indicators, etc.

  • Dust Captation System

    Dust Captation System

    JET VENTURI, with low pressure drop and self-aspirating. The efficiency of this system, as well as its pressure drop, is determined according to L/G value, and the granulometry of the solid particle that has to be collected, usually around 10 micron for this system. For certain applications, and high L/G values, the system can be self-aspirating, and can operate without the fan. WET VENTURI, with high pressure drop. The efficiency of this system, used...

  • Drop Separator

    Drop Separator

    The design of each equipment, the selection and application of the most suitable model, is determined according to the size of the drops and the required efficiency. Active sheets: Medium-efficiency system, for drops > 10 micron and pressure drops up to 100 Pa Mesh: High efficiency system for drops > 5 micron, and pressure drops up to 250 Pa. Radial blade: Medium-efficiency system for big flow rates with highly crystallization and adhesive drops...

  • Chemical Scrubber

    Chemical Scrubber

    These systems can have 2 or 3 washing stages, and different reactive are dosed to the columns according to the characteristics and the origin of the odours to be removed. The chemical scrubber is the most common system for the deodorizing of air coming from screening, pre-treatment, sludge dewatering and sludge thickening in waste water treatment plants. Selective reactive are used in several stages: Acid, Basic, Oxidizing. The system is based in...

  • Activated Carbon Filter

    Activated Carbon Filter

    In all its several varieties, activated carbon has a large specific surface, and the property of absorbing the gaseous molecules of a large quantity of odorous compounds, either organic or inorganic. The gas adsorption is carried through one or several activated carbon layers. These systems can operate with flows up to 40.000 m3/h, and one of the most common applications is H2S removal, where efficiencies up to 99.5% are reached. They are...

  • Biofiltration System

    Biofiltration System

    ECObio system is a process consisting of a humidifying tower followed by a biofilter. This technology has a high efficiency for odour and VOC removal through a biological oxidation process. For flows up to 10.000 m3/h, prefabricated biological PE or PP filters are used , which make the civil works unnecessary and are easy to install. For bigger flows, the filters are made in civil works. The selection of bacteria for the inoculation of the filtering...

  • Pressure Fans

    Pressure Fans

    We have a wide range of medium and high pressure fans, made in thermoplastic materials: PP, PPs-el, PEHD, PVDF. Medium pressure fans: Maximum flow up to 120.000 m3/h. Static pressure up to 1800 Pa. High pressure fans: Maximum flow up to 120.000 m3/h. Static pressure up to 6000 Pa. Their design allows high efficiencies and excellent performance with highly corrosive fluids. The driving system can be direct or by transmission.