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  • Wind Tunnel Calibrations Services

    Wind Tunnel Calibrations Services

    With our CSIRO designed wind tunnel situated at our Melbourne head office, we are the only NATA / ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in Australia that can calibrate all types of anemometers.

  • Data Reporting Services

    Data Reporting Services

    We are NATA/ISO17025 accredited for the operation and maintenance of ambient air and continuous emission monitoring systems which includes data acquisition and reporting. We understand that compliance is not only mandatory – it is a responsibility. We operate one of the largest networks of monitoring systems in the world, with over 300 sites. Our maintenance and data reporting services are relied upon by Rio Tinto, BHP, Shell, Transurban and...

  • Rental & Operations Contracts

    Rental & Operations Contracts

    When budgets won’t allow capital equipment to be purchased, or where the monitoring programme is only for a short duration our instrument rental and “pay for data” contracts provide an alternative solution for customers. Whether you require a one-month rental, or a year-long rental, we will find a solution for you. Our Operations Contracts are fully inclusive of supply of equipment, routine calibration,...

  • Service & Repair

    Service & Repair

    We provide comprehensive repair and maintenance services for all Ecotech equipment, as well as brands distributed by Ecotech.

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  • Operations

  • Build Own Operate (BOO) Concept Services

    Build Own Operate (BOO) Concept Services

    The air we breathe is vital, and it is important to monitor and control the air quality. Owning and operating monitoring stations are complicated, and requires resources, competence and equipment to ensure accurate monitoring data.

  • Contracts Services

    Contracts Services

    Although OPSIS products require minimal service and maintenance, it’s still advisable to perform proactive maintenance on the OPSIS monitoring systems in order to secure reliable and accurate operation in the long term. It can also be advisable to be prepared for unplanned maintenance needs that might occur.

  • Calibration Services

    Calibration Services

    In order to facilitate everyday work for our clients in Scandinavia, we now offer calibration of OPSIS systems on site. This also renders a more cost-effective and reliable solution for the users. For this purpose, we have geared a van with the calibration equipment required for complete calibrations of the clients’ systems. The client doesn't have to store or handle gases, or dedicate resources calibration. This has become popular among our...

  • Technical Support Services

    Technical Support Services

    OPSIS acknowledges that the availability of technical support is as important as the performance of the hardware and software; no matter what your concerns might be and whether you actually need such support or not.

  • Software Services

  • OPSIS - EnviMan Cloud Services

    OPSIS - EnviMan Cloud Services

    To run a computer server can be complicated and costly. The OPSIS EnviMan Cloud moves the data handling outside of the IT department. We simply run the customers’ servers at OPSIS. The customer can log in via the web and access the data and calculations. We take care of the IT infrastructure, updates, etc. The customer can focus on the data.

  • Knowledge Transfer

  • Application Support Services

    Application Support Services

    OPSIS and its network of distributors represent a broad knowledge in all of the application areas where OPSIS products and services may be deployed. We have very good knowledge on both the formal and practical needs and wishes within the various applications. We are glad to make our extensive knowledge base available to our customers in order to provide the best possible value for money and result.

  • Consultancy Services

  • AQM Project Management Services

    AQM Project Management Services

    OPSIS has a broad experience as project manager for various Air Quality Management projects, both commercial project as well as aid financed. We are pleased to discuss how we may help you drive your AQM projects to successful deployment and stable operations for many years to come.

  • Environmental Studies Services

    Environmental Studies Services

    OPSIS has extensive experience in providing various environmental-related studies, for example in the fields of: feasibility studies, air quality management strategies, emission inventories & emission assessment studies, environmental impact assessment studies (eia:s).

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  • Network Data Analysis Services

    Network Data Analysis Services

    Cooper Environmental provides innovative solutions for evaluating multivariate pollutant data sets collected across a network of ambient monitoring stations.  A variety of statistical and graphical tools are used to gauge the spatial and temporal variability of the pollutants over the geographical region of interest.  This allows for refined understanding of the various meteorological, topographical, and source emission...