Ecube Labs, Inc.

Ecube Labs, Inc.

Ecube Labs is committed to developing innovative solutions for environmental sustainability by minimizing the environmental impact and optimizing operational efficiency of waste management. With our Clean Cube and Clean Cap products, our customers have experienced operational cost reductions of up to 85%. Furthermore, optimal operational efficiency from the use of our integrated software allows waste management companies to provide a better service with less usage of collection trucks, resulting in the reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. Last but not least, it not only keeps litter off the streets, it also increases recycling rates by raising environmental awareness.

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#406, Acetechno Tower 5th Bldg., Guro 3-dong, Guro-gu , Seoul , 152-766 South Korea

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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
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Internationally (various countries)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Our company was founded in 2011 to solve the problem of public waste. Focusing mainly on research and development throughout 2012, we managed to file several patents not only for our products but also for M2M telecommunication technology as well. Since entering the global market in 2013, we have formed a global M2M telecommunication partnership with Vodafone and formed strategic distribution agreements with companies all around the world.  We were selected for ‘Innovation 2013’ at Pollutec 2013 in Paris and in 2014, Ecube Labs received Frost and Sullivan’s M2M Green Excellence in Technology Innovation Award. 

The Clean Cube is a waste compaction bin that is 100% powered by solar energy. Embedded sensors measure the bin fill-level in real-time and triggers the automatic compaction of waste, effectively increasing the bin capacity by 500% - 700%. Using either 2G or 3G wireless telecommunication technology, real-time data from the Clean Cube are sent to Clean Cube Networks’ servers. The Clean Cube boasts optional features such as Wi-Fi hotspot capability, LED backlit advertisement panels, and motion-activated sound players.

The Clean Cap is a wireless sensor that measures a container’s fill-level in real time. It comes in both a battery-powered and solar-powered model and can be attached to any type of container to monitor any type of waste. Using either 2G or 3G wireless telecommunication technology, real time data from the Clean Cap are sent to Clean Cube Networks’ servers.

Available as both a web-based and mobile solution, Clean Cube Networks (CCN) is an integrated waste management platform designed to optimize the efficiency of waste collection. CCN not only provides a comprehensive collection of historical data and analytics reports, it also allows users to monitor Clean Cubes and Clean Cap-equipped containers in real-time. In addition to CCN notifying users when and where collection is required in real-time, its predictive algorithms generate schedules for future collections. CCN also helps drivers by optimizing routes for each collection. Smart collection planning based on Ecube Labs’ integrated solutions significantly reduces collection frequency, resulting in operational cost savings of up to 85%, while improving public cleanliness by eliminating overflowing containers. And that’s not all. Lower collection frequency also means less gas emissions, noise pollution, and traffic congestion, resulting in a greener environment. Ecube Labs provide significant improvements in efficiency across the whole value chain.