Edenspace Systems Corporation

Edenspace Systems Corporation

Edenspace is a agricultural biotechnology company that seeks to transform the energy, agricultural and environmental industries through innovative applications of plants for renewable fuels and environmental sustainability. We design our products and services to help reduce dependence on fossil fuels, create alternative energy sources, improve human health and nutrition, and restore and protect the environment. Bioengineering plants with traits for increased biomass and improved conversion properties can dramatically reduce the costs of producing renewable fuels and biochemicals from non-food biomass sources. Edenspace`s crop enzyme expression technology applied to poplar, corn stover, switchgrass or other biomass crops can maintain conversion yields to platform sugars while reducing costs of external enzymes by more than 60%.

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PO Box 2338 , Purcellville , Virginia 20132 USA
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Edenspace is creating new and innovative ways to reduce fossil fuel dependence and sustain the environment. Our products and technology can be of use in many industries. 

With products and technology in agbiotech, biofuels, bioproducts, nutrition, phytoremediation, and environmental services; Edenspace is a recipient of the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Innovator Award, Environmental Business Journal's Technology Award, and the DaimlerChrysler Environmental Excellence Award.

Environmental Services - Remediation and Phytoremediation
Edenspace offers products and services for plant-based soil remediation of contaminated soils and water (phytoremediation), site assessment, treatability studies and contract research to develop solutions for unique situations. Our environmental remediation services can remove arsenic, lead, chromium and other metals from the soil. 
Nutritionally Enhanced Crops

Crop biotechnology can increase the nutritional value of food sources. Conventional and genetically modified lettuce varieties with improved calcium content are in development as a means to improve dietary calcium.