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  • Tank Bund Cleaning Services

    Tank Bund Cleaning Services

    Even when a spill has been contained within a bund this still requires proper cleanup as if left it could cause pollution at a later date. Picture on left is a lorry bund which contained an oil leak from a lorry, this was left for a week before being clean up

  • Underground Storage Tank Removal

    Underground Storage Tank Removal

    For many years Edge has been cleaning various type of tanks, although the majority are usually hydrocarbon containers, we have cleaned many chemical containers. i.e. resin, ink, glue tanks aswell. Our service can included the cleaning, removal and sampling underground tanks, removal of sludge etc. Industrial tanks can range from 1 to 50+ tonne which ultimately require decommissioning at the end of there life. As each job is different Edge provides an...

  • Sampling and Monitoring

    Sampling and Monitoring

    A intrusive investigation service is available at Edge Enviro Services should evidence from the preliminary and supplementary investigations identify that a significant risk of significant harm exists within and around the site. Following sampling plan approval an on-site investigation will be conducted in accordance with best practice in order to ascertain the extent of contamination on site. Borehole sampling, auger sampling and window sampling are...