The EDUR-Pumpenfabrik is a renowned medium-sized pump manufacturer producing centrifugal pumps and liquid-ring vacuum pumps for the world market since 1927. The manufacturing programme offers approx. 60,000 different pumps for standard performances up to 600 m³/h rate of flow and 40 bar pump presure in various designs. By means of innovative pump technology an increase of efficiency up to 80% has been realized e.g. in the dissolved air flotation (DAF) compared to traditional systems for industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment applications. Specially designed open impellers for multiphase (DAF) pumps are sucking in air automatically - means no separate compressors and tanks required - operate as dynamic mixer with high shearing forces and increase pressure at the same time. This results in clearly reduced investment and operation costs for the benefit of system manufactures and the endusers as well.

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Edisonstrasse 33 , Kiel , Schleswig-Holstein 24145 Germany

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Water and Wastewater - Pumps & Pumping
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Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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EDUR is characterized by more performance. More competence in centrifugal pumps: Self priming centrifugal pumps, transport of liquid-gas mixtures. More energy efficiency: EDUR pumps meet the targets of the Blue Competence initiative by the German Engineering Association VDMA. More customer service: Award for medium-sized businesses 'Großer Preis des Mittelstandes' 2007. More product innovation: Process Innovation Award 2009.

EDUR has the experience, the design engineers, the manufacturing know-how and the worldwide service to provide all this added performance. As an owner-operated company we are more flexible with regard to special requirements and we can provide more direct advice.

Our range includes various centrifugal pump types in staged sizes and material versions. As a manufacturer of special pumps we supply pump solutions which are adapted exactly to the application at hand - EDUR application customization. For contaminated, clean and problematic liquids and liquid-gas mixtures. German engineering and fabrication – each pump is individually performance tested and receives an inspection record. All this for a more reliable investment.

Eduard Redlien was only 25 years old when he founded the EDUR pump factory in a multiple family house in Kiel on 01 April 1927. Eduard Redlien himself was both technical director and pump tester. The pumps were painted by hand during the evenings and nights.

The basis of the business was a self priming centrifugal pump developed in-house. In contrast to the side channel pumps already known back then, the EDUR pump worked on the principle of the formation of a liquid-air mixture. It featured a sensationally high level of reliability and robustness for the time. The pumps were used to supply houses and farms, dairies and other commercial operations with water. With these self priming pumps, the young company grew steadily throughout the 1930s and expanded its circle of customers to abroad as well.

All research work had to stopped when World War II broke out. The production of EDUR pumps was sustained against much resistance and under the most adverse circumstances.

EDUR were able to overcome the obstacle of the German currency reform on 19 June 1948 with the support of the Dutch partner Van Wijk & Boerma: The delivery of a railway carriage with about 300 pumps was scheduled so that it could already be paid for in the new Deutschmark currency.

All sections of the company were located in the Hamburger Chaussee in the city of Kiel until the early 1950s. After the acquisition of the Wulfsbrook site in 1953, new production workshops were successively built in 1954.

A crucial event in the history of EDUR was the premature and sudden passing of Eduard Redlien on 13 April 1959. His wife Irma Redlien took over the management of the company. This would not have been possible without the loyal employees.

The hot summer of 1959 started early and would turn out to be a saving grace for the company. The farming industry desperately needed pumps for the irrigation of fields.

During the 1980s the necessity of a reorientation became more and more evident. The company changed its focus, away from series production to a customer-oriented niche supplier. A new generation took over and the new management quickly implemented the required measures.

We don't have to be good at everything, but when we do something we want be very good at it. Ideally even better than others. – EDUR are specialists for customized centrifugal pumps and manufacture liquid and multiphase pumps of excellent quality.

Our objectives for our customers. The success of EDUR is based on the concept of supplying customers with the best pump solution for their specific delivery task. A pump solution that is perfectly matched to their plant, pumps the medium in the best possible way, uses only as much electricity as absolutely required and all this over an impressively long service life.

Competent advice, short reaction times and professional customer dialogue in everyday business life are welcome features of our flexible, medium-sized company.

Our team concept. As a company with around 120 qualified employees we possess all the qualities for which a medium-sized mechanical engineering business from Germany gains worldwide recognition. All our employees know each other. The manageable size of the company allows unbureaucratic, fast development of better solutions, direct process control and competent customer consultation. Employees innovations are encouraged at EDUR and have very good chances of being implemented.

The EDUR company sports programme shows that people who work together in an ambitious atmosphere also appreciate joint athletic activities. High qualifications and willingness to work are prerequisites at EDUR. We all see further education and daily commitment to our work as an obligation.

Our image as a company in the city of Kiel. EDUR employees enjoy being citizens of a company in Kiel. And for those who enjoy sailing there is simply no better city.


  • Best possible pump dimensioning 
  • Customer-specific pump adaptations
  • Worldwide customer care 
  • Tools
  • Pump selection tool 
  • Pump seminars


  • Regular delivery time maximum 5 working days and high delivery reliability
  • Final inspection of each pump incl. inspection record
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing technology 
  • Documentation in all major languages


  • 24 hour delivery of standard spare parts
  • Worldwide support, also on site
  • Conversions
  • Repair, maintenance and inspection
  • Error diagnosis
  • 10 years delivery guarantee for spare parts