EESIFLO has been developing and manufacturing water in oil sensors for more than a decade. Our sensors are monitoring moisture and water content in oil and fuel around the globe. This includes general industry applications for marine systems, engines, purifiers, oil separators, power plants, metering stations, refineries and pipelines. In the crude oil industry, the EASZ-1 is often installed as a BS&W analyser or a watercut meter. EESIFLO sounds like “Easy Flow” but the EES portion of the company name is derived from it’s orginal founder Mr. David Hughes (a qualified metallurgist) who started the group more than 25 years ago. The company is currently owned by his eldest son, Phil Hughes with direct offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore. The manufacturing facility is currently operating in three of it’s own premises in Singapore where it is responsible for it’s unique products, systems and services on a worldwide basis.

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219 East Main Street , Mechanicsburg , Pennsylvania 17055 USA
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Water Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our focus is on highly accurate online measurements of water content in hydrocarbons using dielectric principles. The same principle can also be used to measure concentration of a liquid in liquid if the dielectric constant of the liquids are different.

Water in oil monitors are important in the lubrication industry where contamination can degrade the quality of the oil and cause problems for machinery. This is because it is important that the water content never reaches an unnaceptable amount. Online monitors ensure that operators are able to gather necessary data in realtime, so that a problem can be avoided. In the upstream oil industry, water in oil /water in fuel monitors are normally measuring the “cut” or percentage of water in oil, so these devices are known as watercut meters.  In the downstream side of the industry they are sometimes known as bs&w monitors. What is important is that the same device can measure moisture/water content in a wide range. EESIFLO has solutions for small and larger measurements including low cut, high cut and full cut meters. Over the last few years, it has become more important for those dealing in refined products to be able to measure very small amounts of water content in fuel which is one of our specialities.

 The main focus of the company is the oil and gas industry. EESIFLO is a totally debt free, self financing  organization with it’s own intellectual property, unique designs and manufacturing capabilities and an ever growing customer base including end users, consultants and international contractors.