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  • Effox-Flextor - Butterfly Dampers / Wafer Dampers

    Effox-Flextor - Butterfly Dampers / Wafer Dampers

    Butterfly Dampers/Wafer Dampers are typically used for moderated flow control when precision is not critical. Our Effox-Flextor brand Butterfly Dampers are uniquely designed with heavy-duty blades and housing, to provide maximum resistance to heat stresses, corrosion, metal fatigue and distortion. With decades of experience, we are able to deliver custom tailored solutions, configured to your specific size and application requirements. Each damper is...

  • Effox-Flextor - Guillotine Slide Gate Dampers

    Effox-Flextor - Guillotine Slide Gate Dampers

    The Effox-Flextor brand Guillotine Slide Gate Damper is a heavy-duty design used when tight shut-off is required to isolate specific portions of a flue gas system. Our custom designs are proven reliable in some of the most demanding environments such as gas turbine outlets, high dust loading cement plants, high corrosion in coal-fired power plants, and power boiler...

  • Effox-Flextor - Poppet Dampers

    Effox-Flextor - Poppet Dampers

    Poppet Dampers are ideal for applications that require quick cycling time and tight shut-off. Our Effox-Flextor brand Poppet Damper is used for isolation capabilities for fabric filter applications and incineration systems. Our Poppet Dampers are designed to control the reverse gas flow, outlet flow, and bypass flow of gases, thus enhancing filtration. Our...

  • Effox Flextor - Radial Vane Dampers

    Effox Flextor - Radial Vane Dampers

    Radial Vane Dampers are designed with multiple blades around a center hub. This introduces swirl into the fan inlet, providing an efficient method of control and enhancing performance. Our Effox-Flextor brand Radial Vane Dampers utilize this design to change the fan curve as the damper moves, thereby eliminating low-volume stalling of the fan...

  • Flextor - Stack Isolation Dampers

    Flextor - Stack Isolation Dampers

    Stack Isolation Dampers are designed to provide accurate air flow and isolation at high temperature levels, and reduce the stack effect of a system when offline, protecting ductwork from the elements. Our Effox-Flextor brand Stack Isolation Dampers are engineered for optimal performance and efficiency, and heavy duty operations.