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The innovation of Eggersmann Anlagenbau accrues from the challenge to move something. As pioneers of development we have created technologies which form today the image of waste management with innovative plants for recycling and modern biogas plants. A wealth of experience in the mechanical and biological processes based on the broad spectrum of competence of the Eggersmann-group we are a member of the specialists for ideas in every field of MBT. Using innovative methods of achieving their own development systems from Eggersmann Anlagenbau are very efficient. Compact and modular construction solutions feature flexibility for new projects and for modernization and expansion of existing systems.

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Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 6-8 , Bad Oeynhausen , 32549 Germany

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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management
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Internationally (various countries)
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10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

With Eggersmann, developments have always arisen out of a vision. We don’t mean any crazy ideas or lofty desires – for us, visions are very concrete, solutions or changes which are already graspable in our thinking and which we sometimes even put into practice, step by step. We do not understand development to be revolution. For us, it is an ever-becoming process which belongs in the everyday life and thinking of all our employees as an ever-recurring duty

From our visions, we create the power to always show, time and again, great commitment to changes and general advancement. The last idea that we put into practice was the founding of Eggersmann Plant Engineering and Construction. With it, we took the step into a future technology which is opening up new perspectives for our enterprise group. A further development has resulted from this first step: Eggersmann has become international.

Our vision, alongside the already internationally recognised recycling and biogas plants, of soon making the other enterprise areas available to a European market, and then, as a second step, to a global market, is already taking concrete shape.

Global commitment is our intention for the future.

In its role as a general contractor, Eggersmann establishes public and commercial projects and is responsible for all work involved in planning and construction of recycling plants. These include

  • engineering
  • implementation planning
  • procurement
  • production and supply of machinery and conveying/handling systems
  • Installation
  • start-up
  • trial operation
  • turnkey handover of the plant
  • all the civil-engineering for the project

With our effective deployment and smooth integration of professionals from all disciplines we can guarantee high levels of reliability at all stages of the project.

Recycling plants supplied by Eggersmann are particularly well-integrated in terms of infrastructure, control and regulating systems. In order to ensure a smooth handover, our experts remain onsite until the system is up and running in normal operation.

Mixed or pre-sorted industrial and commercial waste contains raw materials that can be recovered by means of mechanical processing. Mechanical recycling equipment supplied by Eggersmann separates recyclable waste by composition and particle size to deliver the recovered raw materials in a particularly effective and efficient way, in accordance with application and material requirements.

The size of each plant system is based on a detailed analysis of the substances being handled and the required quantities of recycled raw material. High-performance components developed by us in house guarantee maximum purity, reliability and fine-tuned capacity as required.

The entire design and setup procedure is placed in the expert hands of our highly-qualified, multi-disciplinary team.

At Eggersmann, our focus is on the customer. From developing modern plant constructions to the final implementation, maintenance, service and repairs – Eggersmann is your competent partner in all areas.

Our service staff does not only react promptly and flexibly to occuring problems and trouble-shoots them, but also shares its knowledge with the owner to improve workplace safety, make your processes more efficient and reduce operating costs.

This well-founded know-how that we share with you is the same we use to develop and improve our own recycling plants.