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  • mai - The Complete Health, Safety & Environmental Suite

    The mai™ Health, Safety and Environmental Suite takes the toil out of HSE management and delivers analytical power to your fingertips so that you can achieve real value for your company.

  • mai - Safety Risk Assessment Module

    mai - Safety Risk Assessment Module

    The mai™ Risk Assessment module makes risk assessments easy! Do you want to know exactly how many high risks there are in your organisation right now? Do you want to standardise the way risk assessments are undertaken and comply with international standards? Do you want to be able to easily delegate risk assessments? Do you want to save time and money by generating real time, faster and more accurate reports with just a mouse click?

  • mai - Environment Risk Assessment Module

    mai - Environment Risk Assessment Module

    As environmental laws and regulations have evolved in recent years, disparities have arisen in the assessment and management of similar risks. Global organizations today must ensure that resources are used effectively to reduce risks. Environmental risk assessment is key to achieving this objective.

  • mai - Occupational Health Module

    mai - Occupational Health Module

    Do you want to record clinical notes in a clear, legible format? Do you want to record vaccinations results? Do you want to record medical codes (illness etc)  and fit to work diagnoses? Do you want to record medical test results and outcome? Do you want powerful reports to measure, analyse and improve occupational health? Do you want your medical data in a secure environment with appropriate security?

  • mai - Document Control Module

    mai - Document Control Module

    SharePoint provides an integrated enterprise document, quality and compliance management solution suite designed specifically for companies operating in highly regulated environments. It is an easy to use, web-based enterprise software solution that enables organizations to comply with FDA 21 CFR 11, GMP, GLP, GCP, and other regulations and industry standards, using electronic and digital signatures as appropriate.  SharePoint products require...

  • mai - Accident Report & Investigation Module

    mai - Accident Report & Investigation Module

    Are you looking for a simple but comprehensive system for event reporting (accidents and near misses etc)? Do you want to ensure that all event and injury details are captured? Do you want to ensure that relevant persons are notified quickly? Do you want a step by step approach for identifying the different root causes for each accident? Do you want to ensure that all necessary corrective actions are managed to completion? Do you want comprehensive...

  • mai™ MANAGER - Ineffective Management and Control of EH&S Programs

    mai™ MANAGER - Ineffective Management and Control of EH&S Programs

    Ineffective management and control of EH&S programs have increasingly become the subject of litigation, shareholder confidence, and personal injury as organizations wrestle with manual, paper-based processes. Many organizations have attempted to develop in-house applications to gain the flexibility to meet their unique requirements. Others using paper-based systems, spreadsheets, or custom databases have all failed to help companies keep up with...

  • mai - Audit

    mai - Audit

    Do you want a simple tool for managing internal audits in a professional manner? Do you want to plan audits and manage them against a schedule? Do you want to create templates for your most common audits and inspections, and reduce the time required for ISO certification? Do you want to generate a professional audit report? Do you want to track action items to completion?

  • mai -  Non Conformance Management

    mai - Non Conformance Management

    Managing material and process nonconformance will help minimize the overall impact on product quality and may reveal roots causes of the nonconformances. The mai Manager includes powerful capabilities to help quality managers effectively collaborate, manage, and track nonconformances across the enterprise.

  • mai - Objectives & Plans

    mai - Objectives & Plans

    All good EH&S programs have clear objectives established to ensure effective tracking and management.

  • mai - Monitoring & Measurement

    mai - Monitoring & Measurement

    Our value proposition is that we help organizations MEASURE-ANALYZE-IMPROVE their EH&S performance. To achieve this objective, we offer robust capabilities to monitor your progress and gather important trend analysis to aid in effective decision-making.

  • mai - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System

    mai - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System

    The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is a step-by-step process designed to prevent problems before they occur and to systematically correct nonconformance and deviations once detected. The mai™ HACCP module is a proactive system designed to facilitate the responsible management of your food safety program in a practical, efficient manner. This feature-rich module helps you capture, report, and control food...

  • mai - Waste Management Module

    mai - Waste Management Module

    The management and disposal of hazardous waste material requires compliance with key regulations to ensure safety and minimize the impact on the environment. The mai Waste Management module is designed to keep you in compliance and control of all hazardous waste in accordance with EPA and IPPC license conditions.