EHS Data Ltd.

We develop and implement world leading Environment data management systems to save time, improve planning, quality, analysis, awareness and reporting. A dedicated Implementation Consultant will work with you to deliver services which include database creation, legacy data transfers and custom report design, plus on-site or on-line training. We then offer a variety of ongoing support and data processing services tailored to suit. The technical strength of our company is at the heart of our business. Our team have been recruited from not only in IT but also from environmental and technical backgrounds, and all have a long track record of using, administering and developing Environmental and Sustainability Data Management Software. With over 20 years’ experience providing EHS Data management systems, MonitorPro products are used at a thousand sites in 40 countries worldwide, from single site installations to large multi-site corporate applications.

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Halifax Court Fernwood Business Park , Newark-on-Trent , Nottingham NG24 3JP United Kingdom

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Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Environmental Compliance

  • Obligations and policy tracking
  • Integration and seamless input of a range of data
  • Scheduling and task tracking
  • Integrated Field data capture
  • Flexible compliance validation
  • Automated calculation and conversion of data
  • Comprehensive suite of interpretation tools
  • Customisable Compliance and Performance Reporting 

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Safety and Incident Management Solutions

  • Comprehensive tracking and analysis
  • Reports that identify trends and highlight future risk
  • Raises form submission to external regulators in the event of a reportable safety or environmental incident
  • Task tracking of issues from incidents
  • Immediate email notification of issues

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Sustainability & CSR Data Management
  • Highly flexible integration with many systems such as SAP, PI.
  • Carbon footprint - Import and enter all energy data, e.g. diesel, oil, gas, electricity to automatically generate CO2 equivalent totals by location, aggregate them to report by site, region or organisation.
  • Water and energy balances aid in targeting losses
  • Record waste arisings by type, and track trends in volumes recycled or landfilled.
  • Integrate with business data to automatically create KPIs for energy, waste or water use per person, department or site, or per tonne of production.
  • Comprehensive reports assist with identification of trends and performance against targets

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Energy Management

  • Manage all types of Energy data, including Electric, Gas, Transport Fuel, Gas Oil, LPG, Renewable Energy and more.
  • Automated calculations for carbon conversion factors
  • Create and review the organisation’s carbon footprint
  • Set targets based on CRC, CCLA or continuous improvement (using historical data to auto-calculate reduction targets)
  • Automatic importing of all half hourly (HH) and other frequency data, from sub meters, data loggers, historians and other sources
  • Review accurate costs based on tariff rates
  • Calculate usage during specific times of a day to discover out of hours usage
  • Modifications of targets over time with integrity being retained
  • Full scheduling and planning capability alerts if data is missing
  • Reports based on actual results against expectations
  • Identifying energy misuse leads to financial savings
  • Flexible system for all resource usage, including water, waste and any other routinely monitored data

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