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  • EnviroInsite - Groundwater Data Visualization Software

    EnviroInsite - Groundwater Data Visualization Software

    EnviroInsite is a groundwater data visualization application developed by and for practicing hydrogeologists. It is a workspace for understanding and communication of complex, spatial and temporal patterns in environmental and geologic conditions. EnviroInsite's ease of use and low cost make it the only choice for groundwater visualization on every desktop.

  • Georeferenced Data Tables (AKA Spider Diagrams)

    Georeferenced Data Tables (AKA Spider Diagrams)

    Features: Fully flexible georeferenced data tables - list, cross-tab, transposed, depth table. You can also use EnviroInsite to highlight the location of exceedances of regulatory standards by formatting of font and cell background. Highly flexible formatting options to design your own custom data table design. This includes selection of margin size, text height, text style, background and text color, and translucent backgrounds.

  • Mapping with GIS Software

    Mapping with GIS Software

    We do it all. Load your local shapefiles, CAD files, or images files or go to the web to access Web Mapping Services (WMS) or Bing Maps. Images are georeferenced either by reference to external world files or using the internal georeferencing utility. We also do thematic mapping with shapefiles to allow you to color-code shapefile map objects based on data stored with your shapefile.

  • Contour Mapping Tool

    Contour Mapping Tool

    EnviroInsite gives you the power to contour the way you want. It uses a standard approach of interpolating onto either 2d or 3d grid and then contours based on the interpolated values. Grid editing tool allows you to define the area to be contoured. Also includes ability to set transparency in both 2d and 3d contours and to manually place contour labels where you want them.

  • Boring Logs Software

    Boring Logs Software

    Boring logs are fundamental to any hydrogeologic investigation. Standard methods for drawing boring logs are tedious and error prone. EnviroInsite makes it easy. Step 1 - Select or create a template; Step 2 - Load your data; Step 3 - One button to create and print one or one hundred logs. You can use one of the pre-designed templates or create your own fantasy-log.

  • Visualizing Hydrogeology Software

    Visualizing Hydrogeology Software

    EnviroInsite includes powerful tools for analysis and visualization of subsurface soils and stratigraphy. Detailed soil descriptions and stratigraphic interpretations are stored separately. Contents of detailed soil descriptions can be presented on boring logs, strip logs, 3d boring logs, and drawn onto x-sections. All of the same tools are available for stratigraphic data, but in addition stratigraphic data may be presented by contouring of contact...

  • Analyzing Geochemistry Software

    Analyzing Geochemistry Software

    Geochemists over the years have developed a number of customized plots for analysis and presentation of geochemistry data. EnviroInsite has incorporated the most widely used of these plots allowing for the combined analysis of lithologic and chemical data. Mapped stiff diagrams and the presentation of stiff diagrams on x-sections is a unique enhancement available to EnviroInsite users. One of the key benefits is enhanced understanding of the direction...

  • Fingerprinting Contaminants Analysis Software

    Fingerprinting Contaminants Analysis Software

    EnviroInsite's fingerprinting features were originally designed for separating out the contributions of multiple contaminant sources. Other applications include the presentation of natural attenuation, allowing users to track the conversion of contaminants to their daughter products.

  • Charting Time Histories for Groundwater Data Visualization Software

    Charting Time Histories for Groundwater Data Visualization Software

    Microsoft Excel is the premier charting application, but if you want to post your charts on a map or to generate tiled charts from a database you have few options. EnviroInsite makes it extremely easy and fast. Don't even think of doing this in ArcGIS. It can't be done.

  • Environmental Data Management Software

    Environmental Data Management Software

    The power of EnviroInsite lies in its ability to leverage the core database. EnviroInsite allows users to query the database using a point-and-click interface and then specify the properties of plot types to generate images. This takes the profession out of the stage of images 'hand drawn' in CAD or other tools enabling quick-turnarounds and fewer errors because of misunderstandings regarding the underlying data.

  • Generating Output

    Generating Output

    We take pride in EnviroInsite's many output options so the program works for you rather than the other way around. You may copy-and-paste via the clipboard to word processing, image editing, and presentation software if that's how you like to work. Other options include export to image files (jpg, bmp, png, and tif), export to CAD (dxf, dwg, dgn), or export to ESRI compatible shapefiles. EnviroInsite's image file export also provides world file export...