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Leaders in industrial shredders and recycling equipment since 1966, with manufacturing in the USA, Europe and Asia, and with sales & installations around the globe. We manufacture Tire Shredders, Tire Recycling Equipment, Bottle & Glass Shredders, Metal Shredders, Low HP Shredders, Wood Shredders, Shear Shredders, Single Shaft Grinders, Granulators, Knife Hogs, Hammermills, Pulverizers and other Recycling Systems.

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1215 Bloomington Street , Streator , IL 61364 USA

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)

  • The Eidal Shredder line was invented in 1966 by Roy Eidal and ownership of the Brand and Product line was purchased by the Burda Family of Companies, with sole ownership in the name of Dan Burda in 1983. Ownership transferred to Dan Burda from the Pangborn Division of the Carborundum Group.
  • The Product is Licensed Internationally and two main groups involved with this line are the Kubota Environmental Group and Hitachi Environmental Group of Japan for non exclusive sale of the product in Japan.
  • Today Eidal is a diversified line of equipment associated with the Global Recycling Equipment Group ( www.globalrecyclingequipment.com ) and the Shredderhotline.com Division ( www.shredderhotline.com ) and is affiliated with the Eidal Shredder Line ( www.titanshredder.com ) and the Gator Shredder Line ( www.gatorshredder.com ) of recycling equipment.
  • We offer fifteen shredding and recycling lines and processes including:  Tire Recycling Line, Wire Recycling Line, Double Shaft Shredder, LGF Rasper, Rubber Crum Maker, Fine Grind Mills, Particle Mesh Size, Debeader, Tire Cutter-Guillotine, Vibratory Screens, Magnetic Separator, Tire Wire Cleaning System, Wire Baler, Zig Zag Classifier and Central Dust Removing.
  • If you need any type of reduction equipment we can manufacture it for your processing system needs.
  • We originated or pioneered the Saturn, SSI International, and Eidal Shredders, and in most cases sold or merged them into larger groups.
  • Most dual shaft shear type shredders base their design on what we pioneered years ago.  Give us a call so that we can help you with your needs.

  • We are the inventors of the shear shredder. A machine developed in 1972 and used by almost every solid waste district, cement kiln, power plant or recycling company in the world.
  • Many of the shredders and systems sold under these brands remain in use for more than 30 years! We provide service and parts to these machines.
  • We also have new machines that can replace these older models as many times the price of a new machine is lower than the cost to repair or maintain an older machine.
  • We are not the Original Shred-Pax Company as it has been liquidated...We are the new Shred-Pax-Shredder Company.

  • This is a brief history of the Burda Family and how they have made a small idea into a Billion Dollar Industry making recycling equipment….
  • Below is one of the first surviving pictures of my father, Vern Burda and my sister, Sue Burda who show in a whimsical way a before shredding and after shredding shot…
  • It was in 1971 when the recycling industry had not leaders in the equipment field …just small families that had visions to bring recycling equipment into the main stream…
  • The Burda Family, the Newell Family, the Eidal Family, the Kasmerick Family, and the Panning Family, were all early pioneers in the field of recycling equipment shredders…
  • Our Burda Family financed and pioneered the Saturn, the SSI and the Eidal Shredder lines…and do get the privilege of being in the front of the pack…before it exploded onto a global scale…
  • In the 1960’s not many people understood recycling nor the concept of recycling…..or the green movement….or earth day….or global warming…or overpopulation…
  • This is the first 16″ and 21″ shaft center shear type shredders made in the world, circa 1977 with Dan Burda in the background. The Models were the 52-40 and the 96-50….super large machines for this time period…
  • Today you can’t begin any recycling venture without shredders or balers…and we take pride that we are a pioneering shredder family….
  • Others that claim this type of fame, should make sure that they know their history….