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  • Biogas & Anaerobic Digestion

  • Eisenmann - Anaerobic Digestion System

    Eisenmann - Anaerobic Digestion System

    Eisenmann has developed a modular anaerobic digestion system that provides maximum flexibility for a variety of applications and a wide range of feedstocks. Feedstock Flexibility: Our system can process 0-45% solids and typically has no need for dilution. As a reference point: Food waste is usually between 25-35% solids. With that, our system offers a high level of flexibility in feedstock blends including green and yard waste.

  • Exhaust Air Treatment

  • Eisenmann - Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) Process System

    Eisenmann - Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) Process System

    Eisenmann’s regenerative thermal oxidizers feature uncomplicated, robust technology with low operating costs. The space-saving single reactor system treats exhaust air flows from 10,000 to 120,000 Nm³/h, depending on size. For larger air quantities, multiple reactors are deployed in parallel.

  • Combustion Chamber

    Combustion Chamber

    Heavily polluted exhaust and halogen contamination can increase the risk of corrosion in exhaust air purification plants. In such cases, an Eisenmann combustion chamber is the perfect solution. Eisenmann combustion chambers are also highly suitable for the safe treatment of explosive exhaust gases, especially from the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. Beside the safe compliance...

  • Process & High Temperature

  • High-Temperature and Atmosphere Furnaces

    High-Temperature and Atmosphere Furnaces

    Thermal processes are multifarious and often place high demands on the furnace system and the related process engineering. Especially in the case of high-quality products, for which reproducibility of the process parameters must be ensured, it is indispensable that the parameters in terms of atmospheres and temperatures remain stable. Eisenmann provides the optimum solution for any challenge.