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  • Water Treatment Plant

  • EKE - Demineralization (DI) Systems

    EKE - Demineralization (DI) Systems

    Demineralization Systems are used in processes when the precision of parameters are required such as low salinity and low conductivity is required.

  • EKE - Water Disinfection Systems

    EKE - Water Disinfection Systems

    The process of destroying and/or alternatively inactivation of disease-causing microorganisms in water and waste water are called disinfection. Disease-causing microorganisms can be categorized mainly in four groups. These are bacteria, viruses, amebic cysts and protozoa cysts.

  • EKE - Condensate Treatment Systems (CPP)

    EKE - Condensate Treatment Systems (CPP)

    Condensate Treatment Systems are used to remove the corrosive pollutions, silica sodium and heavy metals which are called “CRUD” in power plants’ process waters. They are mostly preferred by super critical boiler applications, nuclear plants for keeping the quality of the boiler water higher.

  • EKE - Water Pre-treatment and Filtration System

    EKE - Water Pre-treatment and Filtration System

    Nowadays, the increasing water demand should be evaluated according to the field of water usage areas. Water treatment is realized by; “Disinfection, Removal of Iron and Mangan, Coagulation, Sedimentation, Softening, Decarbonization and after these processes by Filtration”. All these processes are called PRE-TREATMENT. EKE INDUSTRY Pre-Treatment Plants are being established automatically and delivered on turnkey basis.

  • EKE - Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

    EKE - Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

    Reverse Osmosis processes remove the ionic pollution, pesticide, heavy metals, particles and colloids, organics, microorganisms, total dissolved solids (TDS) in water in 95-99%. That’s why Reverse Osmosis is a preferred treatment system in many industries.

  • EKE - Water Softening System

    EKE - Water Softening System

    Water Softening Systems provide the removal of hardness in water caused by calcium and magnesium ions. Also divalent metal ions like iron, mangan, zinc and lead causes hardness in water but these are not found in water substantially. Hardness is divided into two as temporary hardness and permanent hardness.

  • EKE - Model EDI - Electrodeionization Systems

    EKE - Model EDI - Electrodeionization Systems

    Continuous Deionization (CDI) system is a new approach to elecrodeionization system (EDI) taking the place of conventional mixed bed technology with the important advantages it presents. None of the regeneration chemicals are needed. Hazardous wastes aren’t formed. Required water quality can be obtained with continuous operation and operation costs are decreased noticeably.

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • EKE - Physical Treatment Plant

    EKE - Physical Treatment Plant

    The physical treatment includes water and wastewater collapsible, floatable solids in different sizes, dissolved organic / inorganic materials applied for the removal of gases and transactions.

  • EKE - Chemical Treatment Plant

    EKE - Chemical Treatment Plant

    Chemical TreatmentChemical treatment; water and wastewater treatment includes all methods that require the addition of chemicals.

  • EKE - Wastewater Recycling System

    EKE - Wastewater Recycling System

    Nowadays the fresh water recourses is getting exhausted by rapid population growth, redundant industrialization, increasing. drought andhigh consumption. Due to the increasing water demand to be recovered the permeate (waste water treatment outlet) water with advanced water treatment technologies become essential instead of discharge the permeate . to the nature .

  • EKE - Sludge Treatment System

    EKE - Sludge Treatment System

    After Biological /chemical waste water treatment process the released sewage sludge has to be removed according to “Solid Waste Regulations” for this reason  the sludge  is filtrated and sludge cake is removed to obtain water. If requested the Domestic sludge cakes can be considered as fertilize.

  • EKE - Biological Treatment Plants

    EKE - Biological Treatment Plants

    The aim of the biological treatment stage is to purify the settled sewage by removing dissolved organic material and suspended solids by settled biological flocs and decomposition of the inorganic compounds as gas. 

  • Chemical Dosing System

  • EKE - Boiler Feed Water Chemical Dosing Systems

    EKE - Boiler Feed Water Chemical Dosing Systems

    EKE (EKE INDUSTRIAL PLANTS CONS. CO.) provide the solutions for acquire  boiler feed water  pH regulation , oxygen scavenger , c. HP Phosphate and IP Phosphate chemical with a skid mounted  chemical dosing  systems to the clients.

  • EKE - Cooling Water Chemical Dosing Systems

    EKE - Cooling Water Chemical Dosing Systems

    EKE (EKE INDUSTRIAL PLANTS CONS. CO.) provide the solutions for acquire cooling water make-up water ,pH regulation corrosion prevention, and similar water conditioning systems  with a skid mounted  chemical dosing  systems to the clients.

  • Sampling And Analysis Systems

  • EKE - Sampling and Analysis Systems

    EKE - Sampling and Analysis Systems

    Sampling system is a panel mounted skid to continuously analyze the feed water  quality of the process on  Thermal Power Plants , Combine Cycle Power Plants , Cogeneration Plants , Nuclear Power Plants , High pressure industrial boiler’s processes and refinery . Sampling systems consist the equipments quality (temperature, pressure , removed solid particle etc. ) and required condition  for the online analyzers probe and the...

  • Chemical And Product Tanks

  • EKE - Product Water Storage Tanks

    EKE - Product Water Storage Tanks

    Eke (Eke Industrial Plants Cons. Co.) Manufacture the steel storage tanks by choosing  the appropriate material. After the manufacturing all tanks are tested  with eke  capability stuff , holiday tests are  hydrostatic test  leackage test ,welding procedure. With our experienced team, by selecting the material, adequate strength properties of the fluid stored in the storage tanks is manufactured according to their capacities...

  • EKE - Chemical Storage Tanks

    EKE - Chemical Storage Tanks

    EKE (EKE INDUSTRIAL PLANTS CONS. CO.), provide the choosing the appropriate material according to the chemical resistance , manufacturing steel storage tanks according to required capacity and the installation with the instruments and related piping.