Eke Indutry Ltd. (Eke Endüstri Tesisleri Ltd. Şti)

Eke Indutry Ltd. (Eke Endüstri Tesisleri Ltd. Şti)

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  • Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • EKE - Physical Treatment Plant

    EKE - Physical Treatment Plant

    The physical treatment includes water and wastewater collapsible, floatable solids in different sizes, dissolved organic / inorganic materials applied for the removal of gases and transactions.

  • EKE - Chemical Treatment Plant

    EKE - Chemical Treatment Plant

    Chemical TreatmentChemical treatment; water and wastewater treatment includes all methods that require the addition of chemicals.

  • EKE - Wastewater Recycling System

    EKE - Wastewater Recycling System

    Nowadays the fresh water recourses is getting exhausted by rapid population growth, redundant industrialization, increasing. drought andhigh consumption. Due to the increasing water demand to be recovered the permeate (waste water treatment outlet) water with advanced water treatment technologies become essential instead of discharge the permeate . to the nature .

  • EKE - Sludge Treatment System

    EKE - Sludge Treatment System

    After Biological /chemical waste water treatment process the released sewage sludge has to be removed according to “Solid Waste Regulations” for this reason  the sludge  is filtrated and sludge cake is removed to obtain water. If requested the Domestic sludge cakes can be considered as fertilize.

  • EKE - Biological Treatment Plants

    EKE - Biological Treatment Plants

    The aim of the biological treatment stage is to purify the settled sewage by removing dissolved organic material and suspended solids by settled biological flocs and decomposition of the inorganic compounds as gas.