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Since 1927 EKO has employed its latest technologies to develop meteorological instruments, physical analyzers and other high quality equipment to cover a wide range of the requirements of both science and industry. Meteorological instruments include pyranometers, sunshine duration meter, sun tracker, UV radiometer, and our new grating-based portable spectroradiometer. Over the years, our company has accumulated a great deal of experience in various measurement technologies, permitting us to not only supply products, but also to provide a variety of high quality services...from maintenance and technical support service to early design research, final design and manufacture of global measuring systems...preparing us to meet the unlimited opportunities expected in the coming age.

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95 South Market Street, Suite 300 , San Jose , CA 95113 USA

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Monitoring and Testing - Meteorological Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)
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From Japan's EKO to the World's EKO -- with World Class Manufacturing
EKO Instruments has built its 85 years of history with an enterprising and innovative spirit. Currently, we are expanding our business on a global scale to support research and development in the areas of Environmental Science and Renewable Energy; and Material Characterization and Analysis.

In the area of Environmental Science and Renewable Energy, EKO Instruments is manufacturing products with a focus on quality, originality, and creativity to satisfy the ever progressing needs of science in the global market. EKO Instruments is putting a great effort into the development of specialized sensors and system devices which support environmental protection, measurement of earth phenomena, and research and development of sustainable energy, such as solar and wind. We are actively participating in joint research and development with other businesses, universities, and government researchers. These alliances are leading to new products and new technology developments utilizing our combined knowledge and new facilities.

In the Material Characterization and Analysis sector, EKO Instruments, through its relationships and alliances with other producers and EKO’s continuing efforts and development of innovative instruments has allowed EKO to provide the market with increasingly total solutions. For example, we have future plans and are putting forth efforts into developing material characterization instruments for measuring thermophysical properties.

With completion of our newly constructed office building completed in June this year, we have been able to consolidate EKO’s operations. We can now challenge the unknown as one team to realize and implement global standards and methods to become the World’s EKO.

EKO Instruments Ltd. is a centre of competence offering products and services in the photovoltaic industry, instrumental meteorology, atmospheric environment & plant science, as well as material characterization at an outstanding scientific level.

Our international customers benefit from sophisticated instrument synergy and innovative services that persistently improve and optimize the efficiency and quality of their photovoltaic systems, meteorological measurements and material physical properties analysis.

To maintain long-term relationship EKO Instruments will strive for adequate sales support and advise, information on products and best practise, acceptable delivery times and after sales support.

EKO Instruments wishes to provide an environment of challenge, responsibility, and personal development for its employees; a place where people find pride and personal satisfaction in their work.


'A center of competence in the photovoltaic industry and instrumental meteorology'

Our international customers benefit from smart instrument synergies and innovative services which persistently improve and optimize the efficiency and quality of their photovoltaic systems and meteorological research.

Through its worldwide distribution network and regional offices, EKO has become a global player known for the durability and precision of its instruments which comply with the highest international quality standards.

EKO Instruments

Aiming to be a Global Enterprise that helps protect the Earth's environment and prevent global warming. Established in 1927, EKO Instruments has now accumulated over 85 years of history. We are deeply and sincerely grateful for the tremendous support we have received from all those that made this possible.

Beginning with scientific instrumentation for meteorological and environmental applications 85 years ago, EKO Instruments now includes three core business areas, which are remote sensing, evaluation and measurement of photovoltaic performance, and radiation and spectral measurements. To explore the potential of these core areas EKO is working closely with industry and research organizations to develop new products for the future. In terms of material characterization and analysis, we not only offer advanced and highly reliable overseas products, but also are focusing on developing our own proprietary products.

In the future, we aim to increase the level of technology by combining our core technology in optical measurement solutions for photovoltaic power generation. Furthermore, we hope to use this technology for applications in other fields, thereby exploring new markets. To prepare for our next step, we are strengthening exports of our proprietary products. In 2007, we established EKO Instruments USA Inc. in the United States. In April 2008, we established EKO Instruments Europe B.V. in The Netherlands. In addition, by leveraging the comprehensive strength of our Technical Center and Customer Support Center, which provide services and solutions involving alternative energy and material characterization and analysis, we aim to be an enterprise that can contribute to protecting the global environment and preventing global warming.

As we face our upcoming 100th anniversary, EKO Instruments is working vigorously to develop measuring instruments and to create new value that meets the expectations of all our customers.


Three Business Units
To accomplish these goals, we are aiming for growth through independently developing the businesses of three divisions.

The Environmental Instruments Division is focused on three types of measurements: (1) evaluation of photovoltaic performance; (2) radiation and spectral measurements and (3) remote sensing. The Material Characterization and Analysis Division cooperates with the Technical Center and Customer Support Center to offer a variety of material characterization instruments intended for evaluating materials. This division provides solutions to a wide variety of material characterization research fields, including electronic materials, plastics, polymers, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

In addition to product delivery services and repair services, the Technical Center and Customer Support Center provide technical consulting services to our customers. They also provide measurement and analysis services on a contract basis and hold technical seminars, thereby promoting services and solutions that support our customers.