Eko-Nikkom Sp. z o.o.

Eko-Nikkom Sp. z o.o.

Eko-Nikkom Sp. z o.o.

Eko-Nikkom Sp. z o. o. is a Polish company. Affiliated with the Nikkom group and Cheminstal S.A. a Polish company. We work mainly in the energy, mining, metallurgical and petrochemical sectors. Our customers also include water supply companies, sewage treatment plants and a number of companies working closely with heavy industry. Since 2000 we have been working in the field of municipal sludge and waste, with an interest in processing municipal sludge and waste into biomass for combustion by large power engineering plants. Since 2001, we have developed a number of technologies and obtained patents for methods of processing various types of waste into green energy.

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15a Wyrska Street , Łaziska Górne , 43-174 Poland
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Environmental Management
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

We accept waste for eco-friendly processing using waste-free production technology. The gasification ash can be used as non-flammable insulation material on dumping grounds for industrial waste or in the manufacture or building materials with a wide range of applications.

We will dispose of the waste deposits on your dumping ground in stages and, with time, eliminate the dumping ground entirely. We can then build a waste-sorting facility on the land and, in the future, manufacture building materials (using the ash). Tests of ash carried out by a waste-supply research institute for environmental hazard due to heavy metal content in the ash have shown the ash that remains after gasifying briquettes is low-hazard waste.

We create new jobs, generate electricity and heat and produce briquettes (cheap alternative fuel).

In our disposal process, the content of oxides (NO, SO, CO and other) and heavy metals in the smoke gases is much lower than required by EU standards.

The gas generator performs a process of solid fuel gasification. The fuel is first combusted and converted into oxides and then converted back into combustible gas. As a result, the level of resin in the gas can be reduced significantly. The gas generator can be fuelled with virtually any solid fuel with sufficient temperature resistance (solidity retention at high temperatures for the gas non-permeable layer) and sufficiently high ash-melting temperature. Ash content and fuel moisture practically do not prevent the fuel from being used in the gas generator.

To be able to produce solid fuel with the necessary temperature resistance level, we have developed a technology for producing solid fuel from municipal waste, wastewater treatment sludge, household waste, industrial waste and farm waste. We can also construct facilities for the treatment of waste from car repair shops (oil) and animal waste.

We can build a laboratory at our company to monitor the environmental situation in every town. 

Eko-Nikkom has the experience to complete your project in a short time.

Our facilities offer a number of benefits, including:

  • solutions tailored to customer specifications
  • the lowest costs of installation (economy)
  • low costs of operation (economy)
  • no additional energy required if a structuring unit is used
  • innovative engineering
  • compliance with UE requirements
  • high safety standards (safe technological solutions)
  • eco-friendly methods
  • extendability (The facility can be extended to include incineration, gasification, heat recuperation and electricity recovery processes.)
  • comprehensive customer service: quotation, design, advice, construction, implementation, start-up, servicing, maintenance, continuous improvement
  • collection of dried sludge
  • surpluses of electricity and heat to be used inside the facility
  • generation of post-detoxification ash (to be used for general purposes)

The NIKKOM Group participated in the implementation of special-purpose federal programmes.

  • 'Restructuring and conversion of the arms industry in the years 1998-2000'
  • 'Fuel and energy in the years 1998-2000'
  • 'Investment programme for 2001'
  • 'State technological base for the years 2002-2006'

Eko-Nikkom is now working on “Energy-Saving Economy” special-purpose federal programmes for the years 2007-2010 or even until the year 2015. Since 1992, more than 35 studies have been underway to develop technologies and equipment, including workstation and open-air tests and the preparation of normative documents. More than 15 types of equipment for use in fuel and energy facilities and in other industry sectors have been developed and adapted for use in industry over the last seven years.

In some parts of Russia (Krasnodar Krai, Cheboksary, Rostov Oblast, Republic of Tatarstan), in Ukraine (a heat and power plant in Ladyzhyn), Republic of Belarus (Homel Oblast, Brest Oblast, Mohylev Oblast), designs for technological lines have been developed based on our own patented technology, for the disposal of waste generated in the treatment of wastewater, heavy municipal waste, waste generated by wood processing plants, waste generated by the agricultural industry and the hydrolysis industry, farm waste and waste generated in the peat preparation process.

EKO-NIKKOM is a research and manufacturing company with quality research and production facilities and resources, with a team of qualified specialists and with experience of working on eco-friendly processing of combustible waste into qualified fuel types for different purposes. In 2005, the company successfully completed tests of pellets as a biofuel generated using NIKKOM'S technology at the Rotterdam International Laboratory, Belgium (FOSFA International, GAFTA) to promote the biofuel in EU countries.

Our products and services include:

  • briquetting finely dispergated materials
  • production of biofuel from combustible organic waste
  • processing of solid manure fraction in solid biofuel with generation of electricity and heat
  • production of mineral fertilizers
  • construction, sale and servicing of systems after waste processing
  • utilisation and disposal of municipal, agricultural and industrial waste
  • scientific research for the development of technologies after waste processing and disposal
  • design and sale of dryers for sewage treatment plants and public utility companies

Our representative will assist you with choosing the best products, equipment and technology for the best possible solution.