Ekolojik Enerji Inc.

Ekolojik Enerji Inc.

The Integrated Waste Management and Clean Energy Production Plant of Ekolojik Enerji Inc. consists of waste reception, RDF preparation, chemical/biological sludge drying, solid waste drying, evaporation, gasification, gas clean up mechanisms, energy recovery, energy production units and laboratories. Ekolojik Enerji Inc. adds up value to the `environmentally sound` brand names of its more then 700 environmentally caucious clients as a solution provider. Our solutions are mainly offered in the field of energy recovery from biomass and hazardous/non hazardous industrial waste. Between May 2007-August 2009 a total of 22.000tons of waste was received on site for energy recovery purposes..

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Hasdal Yolu 6.km Kemerburgaz Eyup , Istanbul , 34075 Turkey

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Service provider
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Waste Management
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Internationally (various countries)
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The integrated plant takes its origins from a successfully completed R&D project in Turkey, which was approved by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. The project led the company to a cooperation with Istanbul Greater Metropolitan Municipality for recovering energy from the municipal solid waste, which lasted approximately 7 months with a capacity of 50 tons/day.. Once the developmental stage was over Ekolojik Enerji Inc. has been approved with the Renewable Energy Production License. This was then followed by the Operational License; granted by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry with a supporting approval of Ministry of Finance. In addition to these the Category A Emissions License and HSE-Q Standards Certificate are also gained by the company.

Ekolojik Enerji Inc. is a leading technology provider in Turkey, in the field of 'Energy Recovery from Waste via Gasification Process'. The technology helps the efficient resource management as well as adding value to environmental, social and economical dimensions of sustainable development. The technology positively effects the quality of life by balancing its input/output parameters.

Ekolojik Enerji Inc. adds up value to the 'environmentally sound' brand names of its more then 1000 environmentally caucious clients as a solution provider. Our solutions are mainly offered in the field of energy recovery from biomass and hazardous/non hazardous industrial waste.

Yapısal Construction Industry and Trade Limited Company was founded in 1990 by Mr. Ömer Salman as a result of the increasing volume of works which has been carried out since 1957 by his family owned company. Yapısal since its establishment has principally been working in the fields of construction sector requiring expertise.

Yapısal Construction Industry and Trade Limited Company has been focused its scope in infrastructure projects related to water supply, wastewater, environment, and solid waste and road construction. With its national and international experience in the fields specialized staff and high quality standards, Yapısal has become a reliable, prosperous and one of the most reputable leading companies of the sector.

Parallel to the needs and investment programs of Turkey, Ekolojik Eneji has recently been focusing its works in the energy sector. Especially, the subject of Renewable Energy Resources has been considered within the company's mission in order to solve some environmental problems of Turkey.

Another field of interest of Yapısal is the financial needs of investors in Turkey, and the company has shown success in supplying financial facilities for international projects and project loans to such investors. Yapısal has supplied to public utilities more than USD 300 million from international financing institutions under the guarantee of the Turkish Treasury or under bank guarantees.

Ekolojik Enerji Inc.'s vision is to widespread its developing technologies within Turkey and in the world scale.

Ekolojik Enerji Inc. aims to provide the newest technologies, goods and services to its customers within the field of hazardous and municipal waste management for energy recovery purposes, considering the public and environmental health issues.

It also aims to dispose waste as a complementary issue of innovative technologies and waste management, by setting social performance as a priority by providing services to its clients and the public within sustainable development dimensions.

  • It is possible to understand the importance of the social responsibility to Ekolojik Enerji Inc. from the investment made on the educational programs. The project within the content of corporate social responsibility is our first step to the establishment of an evironmental school. As a response to the demand of Drexel University a seminar was given to the Executive MBA students. In addition to that educational programs held at Namık Kemal University and MEF Schools are also examples of our Corporate Social Responsibility projects.
  • The area where our Kemerburgaz project is located at, was once the mining area and then was used as the wild waste dumping area. However; currently the landscaping is completed and 3,000 trees were planted by Ekolojik Enerji Inc. in years 2008-2009.
  • The decontamination unit on site is the only reference point in Turkey. The unit designed for German military is a special washing system for people who are effected by radioactivity or any chemical damage. No radioactivity containing material accepted on site. However; the decontamination system was only integrated to the process taking in to consideration the possibility of any accidents. Chemically polluted water created after accidents is treated in the chemical treatment plant on our site. The radioactive material is disposal inline with the orders of Atomica Energy Institution.
  • In addition to existing hydrant systems, two mobile fire fighting systems are available on site. The system is designed for covering emergencies in  the neighborhood.