Elastostar Rubber Corporation

Elastostar Rubber Corporation

Elastostar Rubber Corporation is an industry leader in silicon manufacturing with goal to help our customers in achieving sustained profitable growth as a problem solver and provider of high quality products and services. We provide design, engineering and manufacturing of elastomer products to our customers globally backed with our streamlined and innovative supply chain compliant with global and regional regulatory requirements.

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7030 B Huntley Rd. , Columbus , OH 43229 USA
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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)


Elastostar Rubber Corporation is recognized for manufacturing of high quality custom silicone rubber extrusion, gaskets, seals, and custom silicone O-ring products. Our company's reputation for excellence has been built on our ability to provide the most effective designing, engineering and industrial solutions to meet our customer's most demanding applications. Our main objective is to continuously exceed our customer's expectations by providing them with high performance products at competitive pricing and with fastest turnaround delivery and excellent customer service. Elastostar Rubber Corporation maintains a modern manufacturing and corporate facility with advanced tooling and knowledgeable professionals enabling us to consistently deliver innovative products and solutions to our clients in wide range of industries globally.

Silicone rubber is a high-performance elastomer with excellent resistance to wide range of high and low temperature and corresponding resistance to compression set and retention of flexibility. This property enables our silicone products to be functional within a wide temperature range of -67 ºF to +450 ºF. Our Silicone product are often chosen due to their excellent resistance to chemicals, water, moisture, fire, fungal growth, ozone, oxygen, corrosion, heat and aging. Silicone products have outstanding tensile strength, elongation, tear strength, and compression set. The versatility and long service life of silicone makes it ideal for a wide variety of industrial and residential applications. Our manufacturing processes, products and solutions span various elastomer formulations to meet 3A Sanitary, FDA 21 CFR177.2600, USDA, USP CL-VI, NSF, NSF STD-51, UL, Military and Industrial/Commercial requirements.

Custom Extruded Rubber Profiles :

Elastostar Rubber Corporation fabricates custom extruded rubber profiles and products in all shapes, sizes and lengths from a wide range of rubber compounds. Our holistic capabilities and services include design, engineering, custom die making and manufacturing of elastomer products that allow us to manufacture products that match with your existing samples or products either from design or through prototype based reverse engineering and template duplication.

  • Silicone Tubing
  • Silicone Hose
  • Silicone Cord
  • Square (Solid & Hollow)
  • Rectangular (Solid & Hollow)
  • D-Shape
  • P-Shape
  • U-Channel
  • E-Shape
  • L-Shape
  • H-Channel
  • C-Channel
  • T-Shape
  • U-Channel (With Bulb)
  • Bulb Seal
  • Lip Seal
  • Splicing
  • Conductive Tubing

Elastostar Rubber Corporation fabricates extruded rubber profiles and products in all shapes, sizes, colors, lengths and durometer range spanning 25 to 80 from wide verity of silicone rubber compounds. We maintain RMA precision Tolerance in our Rubber Extrusion processes and products to meet customer requirements.

Available Rubber Grade:

  • Commercial grade Silicone
  • FDA (Food Grade Silicone)
  • Spec Grade Silicone
  • Platinum Cured Silicone
  • Fluorosilicone
  • Conductive Silicone
  • Silicone Sponge

Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.


Elastostar Rubber Corporation is well qualified as your single integrated source for high-tech extruded and molded elastomer solutions. Multiple industries have come to count on Elastostar Rubber Corporation for the highest quality standards in custom and standard extrusions as well as molded parts and products.


Elastostar Rubber Corporation has well established and documented Quality Management System to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations while ensuring continuous improvement in our processes, products, services and people in accordance with the requirements of the ISO Standard.


We believe in the power of disruptive innovations and are committed to the exploration of new materials and manufacturing techniques that help us exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. We believe exceptional customer service is the true difference between standard and standout. Elastostar Rubber Corporation's global partnerships keep the company competitive and relevant in today's market and at the forefront of international trends, products and processes. With Elastostar Rubber Corporation you can depend on a domestic supplier to bring you services and pricing that is competitive on an international scale.

Silicone rubbers are rubber compounds with both organic and inorganic properties, as well as highly pure fumed silica as two main components. They possess many characteristics, which are not present in other organic rubbers and have important roles in numerous industries. These include electrical, automobiles, food, medical, household appliances and leisure products. Silicone is unlike conventional rubber in that the molecule structure of the polymer consists of long chains of alternating silicone and oxygen atoms. This polymer therefore has an organic and inorganic nature; the inorganic part makes the polymer very resistant to high temperature, good electrical insulting properties and chemical inertness while the organic components make it extremely flexible.

  • Heat Resistance
  • Cold Resistance
  • Weathering Resistance
  • Electrical Properties
  • Electric Conductivity
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Resistance to Steam
  • Resistance to Oil Solvents and Chemicals
  • Compression Set
  • High Tensile and Tear Strength
  • Incombustibility
  • Gas Permeability
  • Transparency and Coloring
  • Non-stickiness Properties Non-corrosive
Heat Resistance
Silicone rubbers are extremely heat resistant as compared to normal organic rubbers. There is almost no change in properties at high Temperature andthey can be used permanently. For their excellent heat resistance, they are widely applied as material for rubber parts that are used at high temperature.Cold Resistance

The brittle point of silicone rubbers is as low as 76F to 94F In contrast the brittle point of normal organic rubbers is about 68F to 86F .

Weathering Resistance
Silicone rubbers have excellent weathering resistance, under the ozone ambiences that are produced due to corona discharge, normal organic rubbers deteriorate tremendously but silicone rubbers remain almost unaffected. Furthermore, even under long term exposure to ultraviolet and weathering, their properties remain almost unchanged.Electrical Properties

Silicone rubbers are excellent in electrical insulating properties and stable under a wide range of both frequency and temperature. Furthermore, no significant deterioration in characteristics is observed when silicone rubbers are immersed in liquid. In particular, silicone rubbers extreme resistance to corona discharge or high voltage electricity.

Thermal Conductivity
The thermal conductivity of silicone rubber is about 0.5 e+3cal.cm.sec. C, this value shows excellent thermal conductivity for silicone rubbers, thus they are used as heat sink sheets and heating rollers.Resistance to Steam

Silicone rubbers have low water absorption of about 1% even when they are immersed in water for a long duration. Mechanical tensile strength and electrical properties are almost unaffected. Generally, silicone rubbers do not deteriorate when they are in contact with steam, the influence becomes significant when the steam pressure in increased. Siloxane polymer breaks under high-pressure steam above 302F causes the deterioration in properties.

Compression Set
When silicone rubbers are used as rubber materials for packing which undergo compressive deformation under heating condition, the capability to recover is especially important. The compression set of silicone rubbers is table over wide range of temperature from 140F to 482F.

Generally silicone rubbers require post cure. Especially in the case of the manufacturing products with low compression set. Post cure is desired and the selection of optimum vulcanizing agents is necessary.

High Tensile and Tear Strength
In general, the tear strength of silicone rubbers is about 15kgf/cm. However, high tensile and tear strength products (30kgf/cm to 50kgf/cm) are also made available by improving the polymer as well as selection of fillers and cross-linking agents. These products are best utilized to manufacture complicated moldings, which require greater tear strength, mold cavities with reverse tapers and huge moldings.Incombustibility

Silicone rubbers do not burn easily even though they are drawn closely to the flame. However, once they catch fire, they burn continuously. With the incorporation of minute flame retardant, silicone rubbers can possibly acquire incombustibility and ability to extinguish. The combustibility classification standards of UL94 and UL94V-0 standard are being developed.

These products do not release any smoke or toxic gases when burn, as they do not consist of any organic halogen compounds which are present in organic rubbers. Therefore, they are of course, used in household electrical appliances and office machines as well as materials for the closed space in aircraft, subways and building interiors. They become the indispensable products in safety aspects.

Gas Permeability
The membranes of silicone rubbers have better permeability for gases and water vapors as well as better selectivity in comparison to organic rubber. Their applications as gas-water separating membranes for artificial heart-lung and oxygen enriching devices are being examined.Transparency and Coloring

Normal organic rubbers are black due to the incorporation of carbon. As for silicone rubbers, it is possible to produce highly transparent rubbers by incorporating fine silica which does not deteriorate the original transparency of silicone.

Silicone rubbers with excellent transparency and tensile strength are also being developed and utilized as medical, food processing tubes and various products. Due to the excellent transparency, coloration by pigments is easy. Thus, colorful products are possible.

Non-stickiness Properties Non-corrosive
Silicone rubbers are chemically inert and possess excellent mold releasing property. As such, they do not corrode other substances. Due to this property, they are used as fixed rolls of photocopy machines, printing rolls, sheets and (lost-wax) etc.