Elcon Recycling Ltd.

Elcon Recycling Ltd.

Elcon aims to play a pivotal role in the wastewater treatment industry, offering a comprehensive thermal oxidation treatment solution, which provides effective purification of water from industrial contaminants. Elcon provides its services to industrial facilities not equipped with their own treatment plants or those preferring outsourcing these services. It is the only water recycling company to offer a one step integrated treatment solution, with high reliability and significant cost effectiveness. Elcon`s wastewater recycling solutions enable chemicals manufacturers to comply with water-recycling regulations while saving costs - up to 50% lower initial investment in building recycling facilities and 50% lower operating costs through savings on energy, transportation, incineration and land filling costs.

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P.O.B 1428 , Haifa , 31013 Israel

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)


Elcon is an industrial wastewater treatment service provider, addressing the needs of companies with highly polluted aqueous hazardous wastes, mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical markets. We treat the waste providing “distilled water”, inert solids and power as “products” of the process.

Elcon’s revolutionary approach introduces an integrated solution, using innovative thermal oxidation technology, which treats a wide array of organic effluents - guaranteed to treat even the most difficult organic wastewater. Elcon’s outsourcing solutions offer customers/manufacturers a complete and reliable package of services at a competitive value.